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#Bigg Boss8Gossip - An intense verbal spat between Upen Patel and Gautam Gulati!

Colors Bigg Boss 8 will see a very much heated argument between Upen Patel and Gautam Gulati in the course of a task.

Published: Wednesday,Oct 29, 2014 19:38 PM GMT-06:00
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Colors' reality show Bigg Boss 8 has been doing the rounds not only for the tiffs and conflicts but also the reaction of these contestants have to give for every minute things. Well TellyBuzz is yet again back with another Bigg Boss 8 story. We have seen that over the period of time, given tasks by Bigg Boss have been one of the major reasons behind fights between co-contestants. 

After Karishma Tanna and Puneet Issar, it was Sushant Divgikar who took the call by Mr. X. Sushant was asked to name one male friend in the house whom he is too close to and for the same he named Upen Patel. Mr. X later gave him a task that he has to convince Upen to shave his head off. Sushant tried hard to convince Upen but all his efforts went in vain and he out rightly refused to shave off his head. Since Upen refused to do the task, Sushant asked other contestants to help him convince Upen but apparently, everyone bluntly said no to help Sushant.

Next what happens is Gautam passes a comment that Sushant should convince his dear friend Upen and others should not get involved in the entire scene. This comment got Upen extremely furious and the two had a heated argument. Gautam told Upen that 'Ghar ke bahar jaaoge toh you will slap yourself seeing the videos which will clearly proove I loved you so much!' Gautam also went on to say that Upen always leaves his friends when it comes to girls. On this, Upen reverted that that Gautam does all this only for camera and nothing else. In this whole heated argument, Arya Babbar jumped in and decided to take a stand for Upen.

Well now this surely is a quite a lot of drama. Tonight' episode will surely be an entertaining one!!

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Upasana Patel

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babi01 8 years ago "Salman Khan recommended Gautam Gulati's name for Big boss 8"

Glam Capture presents you an interesting fact about Gautam Gulati,who is currently part of Big Boss 8.Salman Khan knows Gautam Gulati for quite some time now,this is the reason for Gautam being approached for Big Boss.

Gautam had met Salman Khan when he was shooting for the film Veer,which released in 2010.Gautam Gulati worked behind the lens of some Salman Khan films.
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navjot7 8 years ago hate this gautam
he need psychiatrist
he is behaving like mentally instable person
i like upen
may be he is less on screen
but he is good by heart
he did not do everything for fame and camers like gautam
gautam has no right to tell uoen first learn to speak english
i upen cannot speak hindi properly
than gautam also cannit speak English like upen
gautam is just dramebaz nothing else
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-Dove- 8 years ago Team Footage Artist FTW! LOL

Go Gulati! ;)
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OmkaraKiParvati 8 years ago Upen.. Dnt know y he is still in the house.. He does nothing other than sleep and eat.. I wish he is kicked out soon.. Salman.. Please take his class and if possible send him out soon..
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bluntboldbindas 8 years ago You pain bahena first learn to speak Hindi properly ,then take panga with Gautama!!!!you pain you are worst than your bahena !!!!so gossip aunty you pain take achill pill!!!hope you kicked out from d house very soon!!
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jazmeen 8 years ago Loved upen. Gautam was stupid. What the f is all those stupid styles.
He's so arrogant about being praised every weekend. First week when he swore and got into trouble he was a naive kid and now he talks like sarpanch of tht dirty panchayat of p3g.
Thumbs down for that group
Upen Patel rocked and so did their group
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BhataktiJawani 8 years ago We are with gautam ...2014-10-29 12:53:21
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OmkaraKiParvati 8 years ago Duh !!! Gautam.. Ignore those people.. They arn't worth ur time.. Truth is sometimes bitter and people like Upen dnt understand that.. Gautam, u r very entertaining.. Get back to ur old EVERYDAY IN THIS HOUSE, I SEE STUPID PEOPLE self.. Each and every one of us love u like that.. Get back to ur old style and rock along with Pritam and Praneet.. U three are the LIFE of Big Boss 8. And Arya.. Seriously.. Please dnt get urself into silly situations and make a fool outta urself..
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