Bigg Boss 17:Sana Raees Khan makes her presence felt in the house!

Lawyer Sana Raees Khan is surely a treat to watch on the show nowadays.

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Sana Raees Khan

Lawyer Sana Raees Khan is surely a treat to watch on the show nowadays. The lawyer has been standing up for her issues, taking a stand when needed, and has also been making new friends and having a lot of fun in the house. 

Be it her ramp walk or the morning anthem dance, we see a new, refreshed Sana taking each day at a time. So, while she made sure to let Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande know that they were sleeping on her bed and even refused to give them her bed the previous night, the next day, we saw her and Ankita being friends again. We see an understanding side of Sana, who offered her bed to Ankita. However, with it comes to Vicky, Sana is making sure that he gets it and that she will not be spoken to rudely. And we see Sana taking a stand against him, which is so refreshing in a house where almost no one has the guts to stand up to him on his face. Not only with Vicky but even with Arun, Sana makes sure not to tolerate any rude behaviour. So, when she protests against discussions regarding her house duties, happening 24/7, and Arun shouts at her, she tells him to be quiet and not interfere. 

Meanwhile, we also saw a rather fun side to her when we saw her stealing chocolates and giving them to her friends in her house. We see her laughing, talking, and dancing; and we are loving this refreshed, happy Sana.

We also saw her deep in conversation with Ankita and Isha Malviya, where Ankita was guiding her not to fight with her housemates. Unlike many in the house, we saw Sana listening intently and understanding their points as well.

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