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Bigg Boss 15's Vidhi Pandya: Jay, Karan always wanted good for me, had to evict me from game's perspective

A day after her elimination, India Forums got in touch with Vidhi Pandya and we spoke to her about her journey, the equations, and more. Read the conversation here.

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Vidhi Pandya

Bigg Boss 15 witnessed one of the most emotional evictions ever as Vidhi Pandya and Donal Bisht were evicted in mid-week evictions last night. While the two were named as contestants with the least amount of contribution in the game, Vidhi's elimination left many, absolutely emotional, especially the likes of Karan Kundrra, Umar Riaz, Jay Bhanushali and Tejasswi Prakash.

A day after her elimination, India Forums got in touch with the actress and we spoke to her about her journey, the equations, and more. Read the conversation here.

Did the eviction seem unfair to you given how the process happened?

The eviction definitely seemed a little unfair, but we were told that we were breaking a lot of rules as a house and when I was nominated, at the end, it is a game and I took it all in good spirit. In the end, whatever happened happened. I personally am am very happy because I can sense the difference in my life in three weeks with the love I have been receiving from the fans because I feel I am not the person who would be out there, or will make strategies or will entertain, I am a lazy panda only, (laughs) and when I am in the mood, I talk, otherwise I don't, and maybe I wasn't that visible also. 

Fans trended 'Bring back Vidhi' hour after your eviction, how overwhelming was it?

This is what I am saying, and this is the only thing keeping me happy, the different I am talking about, because before this, life was stable, it wasn't going up or down, it had come to a halt. However, with Bigg Boss, the amount of love I have been receiving, I can't even express it in words and I feel really luck on being loved so much, and for exactly who I am. My journey might have been a short one, but I was genuinely myself, and I feel lovely that I am loved so much, just for who I am.

You, along with the likes of Simba, Donal, have been asked to buck up your game. You have always played along with you team. Was it something to do with you playing under the shadow of Jay, or Karan, or even Vishal, for that matter?

Not really, though they were my friends, and people who I connected with, my thought process and my energies matched with them, it is natural that people who I bond with, I happen to agree with them. I was never a shadow. For example, when Jay did not perform during the captaincy task, I was the one who told him that you should have at least tried, and though I did not say it in front of everyone, I told him my opinion. Even Umar, for example, when he was trying to steal the maps during the last task, I raised my voice and told him that it is just a task, don't do this, we will get a punishment for it. It is not true that I was playing under the shadow, but I can't shout pointlessly just to be visible, because I am not that person in real-life as well. But however I am, lazy, misfit, not being seen enough, I have done all my tasks properly, and I am just happy that I have received so much love in about 3 weeks.

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Jay has never taken a stand for you despite the bond that you share. He has also mentioned that vote for him when you go out, do you think he considered you a weak player?

He did not consider me a weak player but a contestant who is not doing something and I was not here to do something, I was her to be who I am, and out of it, if I get love, then great, if not, then my bad luck that my personality does not click with the audiences. However, I am glad that it has connected, in whatever amount. When it comes to Jay, he was my well-wisher, he always used to tell me that do something because he was worried for me that to stay in the show, you have to do something and that is nothing wrong, we are paid for the show as well. So in the end, it is also a job, apart from showing our personality, and to entertain the audiences. But maybe I don't have a loud or entertaining personality, so I am a chilled personality, and I am lazy, even in real life. So maybe, one might like to interact with me in my personal space, it gets a little difficult on the show, but its okay for him to tell that to me, because him and Karan always wanted good for me, and that is why he also took my battery out during the task because he wanted me to charge up. At the end, it is a game show, they had to evict me from the contribution perspective. When it comes to relationships, I will maintain them outside as well. Everyone is in the race right now, and everyone wants the trophy, so I don't think I take it negativity.

Do you think your animosity with Pratik Sehajpal before everything happened between the two of you, stemmed from Jay's opinion of him?

No, no, nobody can influence me honestly, and Jay never influences anybody. If you have seen the show carefully, when Pratik entered the house along with the other two, I said that why does this guy have so much attitude, he is not even smiling, he did not even come say hi and I was like I don't want to talk to him, and this was my first thought and I spoke about this to everybody I am close to. Then, after sometime, I was told that whatever it is from his side, let it be, at least you go say hi, and then I went to him and I asked him if we could have a word, and I told him that I did not like your conduct in the house and I made a judgement about you, but here I am, to tell you honestly what I felt and so, let's start afresh. The Jay incident happened later, my thing happened earlier, so it has nothing to do with him. Abusing is obviously wrong, and I am not supporting Jay, but so much aggression and reaction from his side was something that did not make me sense, and his reaction overshadowed what Jay said.

Lastly, who do you see making it to the top 3 and who will you make efforts to stay in touch with post the show?

I hope I don't see any of my favourites anytime soon, I think the ones I see in the top 3 are Jay, Karan and Umar, and I am really close to them. I hope that one of them brings the trophy home, and I think these are the 3 people I will meet and I will want to meet once they are out. Apart form that, Tejasswi and I also share a great bond, she is really lovable and entertaining, so I wish her also all the best and I see her also rising up in the game.

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