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Bigg Boss 15 contestant Simba Nagpal: I am open to everything, won't back out if I find a real connection

India Forums got in touch with Bigg Boss 15 contestant Simba Nagpal ahead of his entry in the house and here's the exclusive conversation with the actor.

Published: Saturday,Oct 02, 2021 18:20 PM GMT-06:00
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Simba Nagpal

Simba Nagpal has made his way to Bigg Boss 15 and well, he sure seems to be a promising contestant, to say the least. While he has been a part of reality shows like Splitsvilla and Roadies, his journey in this reality show will be one to watch out for. He was seen in the show Shakti...Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii in the role of Virat and later, quit the show to take part in Bigg Boss.

India Forums got in touch with Simba and here are some excerpts from the interview.

Are you nervous, or are you excited?

None of that actually, I have just taken on a challenge because everyone has told me all my life that you are not Bigg Boss material because you are not one to fight, so I think they will get to see this side of me, which they haven't seen yet.

You are someone who is a sweet person in general, but Bigg Boss is a different ball game altogether. Will we see the same you in Bigg Boss 15 as well?

Yes, definitely. The Simba that people saw in Splitsvilla was absolutely genuine and that is how I really am, I don't want to hurt anyone. However, there are situations in life where people often get hurt because of you even though you don't want it and because of that, I start losing myself, when I feel I am hurting someone, so I also feel hurt. Because a human can only function when he has a free mind and when they have such thoughts in their mind, then he can't be himself. I am prone to that side but I have had enough experiences in life and got to know the industry more closely now, that I will be able to express myself more now.

Something you can't bare, an uncomfortable something for you that you can't put up in the house?

I think I can tackle everything and I am ready to put up with the most difficult of situation, I have made up my mind and I will face it. I have a strong mindset and hence, I don't think I am scared about anything.

Have you seen Bigg Boss OTT?

I haven't seen it, I know that Pratik, Shamita, and Nishant are coming. I have seen on Instagram, bur I haven't followed any season of the show yet and so far, only saw some clips on YouTube when I was offered the show. I think I shouldn't even see it because it might restrict me from being myself. I am not afraid of anything, they can do whatever they want, put spices in my eyes, make me bald, or take off my clothes, bring everything on.

Are you someone who believes in playing as in individual or in a group?

I don't general follow a group, but if someone wants to join my group, I don't even say no. So it's all about bonding and the rest, when it comes to taking decisions, if someone will counter them, I will keep my own thinking and always put forth my  opinion even though my group agrees or not. I am going to stick to my decision.

If given a chance, would you clip of others talking behind your back or take a fan call?

I would pick seeing what others are talking behind my back because I am very interactive with fans myself, but I want to see which friend or brother or whoever other people I build relationships with are talking about me behind my back because I trust people very easily and it is my naiveness maybe, I would want to see who broke my trust and who made through.

Are you single? If yes, are you open to finding love inside?

I am single. I am open for everything and anything and if I find a real connection, I am not going to back out and obviously going to take it ahead.

Here's wishing the actor all the best for his journey!

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