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Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik on overcoming depression, difficult phase in life years ago

Rubina Dilaik recently got talking about the low phase in her life, dealing with suicidal thoughts, and more.

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rubina dilaik

Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik has had quite the journey in the show and continues to be in the news for the journey, her work, and more. Rubina had spoken about dealing with depression and having suicidal thoughts back in the Bigg Boss house, and now, she had an at-length conversation about the same with Bollywood Bubble.

Talking about her mental health right now, she said how it is an ongoing process and it rather depends on situations on what overwhelms you. However, she did mention that she takes a conscious effort to find time for herself and tries to do yoga as and when she finds time. Nonetheless, she also stated how she would not shy away from accepting the fact that sometimes, she finds it difficult to get back to her peace of mind.

She spoke about the situation she was in 8-9 years ago when she was unstable and overambitious, while also feeling insecure and did not know what to do with things in both, personal and professional life while staying away from family and was busy with work. She said this was a time when a person isolates themselves from the possibility of leading a happy life and that in turn, leads to a lack of empathy towards oneself. She also revealed how it affects confidence, leads to lack of sleep, anxiety, and depression where one is irritable, not wanting to talk to anyone, and feels demotivated.

She said, ''That’s when I realised there is something wrong. The sad part is such things are not talked about. You wonder what is happening. There are a lot of ifs.. why is the relationship not working? Why am I not doing this or that, a lot of why and you don’t see a solution. That is when I realised the problem is somewhere within.”

In fact, she also mentioned how she did not understand it back then as depression was still something that no one spoke about out loud, and hence, she turned to self-care groups, heard audiotapes. She concluded by saying that online therapy is what helped her heal.

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