Bigg Boss 14: Shehzad Deol was severely injured in week 1?

As it turns out, while a lot has been spoken about Sara Gurpal's injury, Shehzad Deol too, was injured during the task.

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Bigg Boss 14 has been on in full swing and the tasks have managed to grab quite the attention. In the first week, we saw how things had turns heated with the immunity task, after which, Sara Gurpal was eliminated soon. After her eviction, Sara spoke about her eye injury and how Nikki Tamboli's nails hurt her a lot. However, it looks like someone else was also hurt during the task, and it is none other than Shehzad Deol.

While we've seen no such footage, after all, fans have been pointing out how his eyes were swollen even a week later due to the injury but the makers had edited and not shown Shehzad's injury in the main episode. Well, while fans of Shehzad have shared some photos on social media earlier, we are hoping that he is all good now.


Meanwhile, it looks like a lot has been going on after all as recently, Rubina Dilaik seems to have had an issue with the task where they were asked to call out contestants who have 'kachra' in their dimag. While she stood up against it and fans also supported her, eventually, Salman Khan tried to calm her down with an explanation. Amid all of this, many have been wondering why Shehzad has gone silent and fans think that his injury could be the possible reason!

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