Bigg Boss 14: Sara Gurpal's ex-husband Tushar says 'It never bothered me if she is claiming to be single'

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Sara Gurpal seems to have come under the scanner as photos with ex-husband Tushar Kumar took over social media. And now, here's what Tushar has to say.

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Bigg Boss 14 is one week into the season and while a lot has transpired inside the house, there is a lot happening outside as well. Sara Gurpal seems to have been in the news outside the house as photos with her ex-husband Tushar Kumar took over social media and soon, the scrutiny around the past began.

While Sara has been going around saying she is single, Tushar says that it does not bother him but people are still talking about it. He says, ''It does not bother me if she is claiming to be single and this is not recent, if you look into the news, this is from the past, when she did an interview in Punjab. What got me was that she was the one who shared some photos back when we were dating and when she deleted it, she thought that it means no one has seen it, so that is not how it works and people already knew about it and she came to the camera and said that it is not me, that's what got to me. When she said I am single, or I am not married, it would bother me, and when people told me I am a liar, and so I came out. If she was honest about it, this shouldn't have even happened.''

Ask him if he will be willing to enter the show, he adds, ''I know how popular it is and I would go if I am called, maybe the next season, when she is not there. But to confront her about it, I would love to go for 5 minutes, and let's just clear it so that she can focus on her work and I can focus on my projects.''

On being asked if he is okay with speaking about his personal life on national television, he says, ''There is nothing left, I was so mad when people were talking, and up to date today, people are talking positive about me, at least the comments that I have read and people who know us, know that this has happened and that I am right and that it shouldn't have happened. I am saying that nobody will understand, because there is nothing left.''

Meanwhile, along with a music video that is out already, Tushar is also working on another music video for a different channel and he is pumped up about it.

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This is a personal matter between them. I want them to sort it out :)

3 years ago

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