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Bigg Boss 13: The Fall & Fall of a Fading Concept in The Form of 'Bigg Boss'

A show that probably needs to wrap up soon to save its legacy.


Bigg Boss 13. This latest installment in the most controversial show is already over two weeks old. Usually, the show, in all its past seasons has an initial excitement, expectations and ultimately about how people either love it or hate it. While the idea of hating it wouldn’t have been much of a problem otherwise but this has now been going on for too long now. This latest season has somehow managed to attract a lot more hatred than the past season (Bigg Boss 12).

So what is going wrong with the 13th season overall and why is it that viewers are just not able to adapt to the show at all. Here, I try to list down on the falling legacy of the show.

The Names

What seemed to be the best-looking on-paper list of contestants for the current season and still appears quite a starry list overall. Big and popular names from TV like Siddharth Shukla, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, and Rashami Desai are currently a part of it.Along with the other list of contestants on display, ever since the show has been on-air the popularity or excitement aspect attached to these names has only gone down. After a fantastic week 1, Shukla has seen a downward graph in terms of being loved and while the overall content in itself has suffered immensely.

The Content

As hinted in the last line of the previous point, the main content of the show seems to have taken a massive beating. This is the same reality show that once proposed things like contestants taking an actual stand about important things to contestants like Kamya Punjabi and Sangram Singh creating a record of being inside a box for over 41 hours. The show once boasted meaningful tasks and even though there were controversies and fights, they seemed genuine and not doing things for the sake of it. This past week saw a couple of episodes having content that surrounded around contestants fighting over roti – the quantity and size of it. Yes! As preposterous as it sounds, it was actually a lot weirder to look at that happening. We all know how there is a team that supervises the 24-hour content that the show actually has in order to break down interesting things that happened and collect it for one hour to telecast it to the viewers.

One can only imagine the lack of content the team would have had to actually get the roti fights to become a central point in the telecast.

Losing Touch

I believe, one of the biggest reasons for the general despise towards Bigg Boss this time is the fact that the show is seemingly losing touch. It just isn’t exciting anymore. Thirteen seasons of the same idea coming every year with some changes here and there has probably made things too predictable for the viewers. Of course, I am not a stranger to the fact the original concept of Big Brother is still running and in fact over twenty-one seasons old. But Indian viewers do have withdrawal symptoms and there is nothing wrong with it. Several shows end up not being able to sustain its initial glory times and popularity in the upcoming seasons. The fact that a show like Bigg Boss has managed to last for over fourteen years and thirteen season is itself a feat. Now, however, the touch seems to be fading away.

Good and Bad Alternatively

In the recent history of the show, there have been instances on how one season has been great and then the following one hasn't quite been that good, and only a couple of times, when it has been a mixed bag. The last all-celebrity season was Bigg Boss 9-Double Trouble and even though it was a talking point almost every day during its runtime, it was considered a dull affair. The concept of commoners coming in the show was introduced for the first time in Bigg Boss Season 10 and it was an instant hit. Unfortunately, the overall impact of that season was underwhelming owing to the celebrities completely outclassed by the commoners. That was switched completely in Bigg Boss Season 11 when celebrities gave maximum content and highlights where Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde pretty much handled the entire season themselves. Season 11 was undoubtedly one of the best seasons in recent times. Then came in Bigg Boss 12. Well, I don’t even think that deserves an extra line here. The worst season there has been. So, with the thirteenth season coming in, one would have expected this one to be good as it went back to the all-celebrity concept. So far, it is bombing.

Nothing is Working Out

Even in an extremely bad season, there are some factors that are usually encouraging and have the potential to make the season better. Till Season 11 this was the case. Season 12 was the first-ever season in the show’s history that seemed to have no redemption value at all and that was obvious when the season ended without any hullabaloo whatsoever. Unfortunately, that is the current trend with Season 13 where people are just not finding anything exciting with proceedings so far. Given, this season doesn’t appear as bad as Season 12 was, as there are a few contestants that seem to have the potential to be popular names owing to their antics; but till now, none of this seems to be working out. The fights, the clashes and a good candidate like Daljeit Kaur getting evicted so early are signs of how the show probably needs a major miracle soon to re-attract any sort of interest.

Do you agree with the points mentioned here or disagree? Leave in your comments below.


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TaimurS 9 months ago They should stick to the original format; proper confession room nominations, proper tasks where every individual’s mental and physical abilities are tested, equal number of male and female contestants, no contact from the outside world, Captain and jail element should be there. Also, weekend ka waar episodes are the reason why this show is becoming a snooze fest! It spoils everything. This year’s contestants have so much potential but the theme this time has given free pass to the male contestants i.e. Abu, dey; whereas contestants like daljit and koena had to leave because of this “splitsvilla/love school connection” theme.
march2011 9 months ago the concept is good i was waiting impatiently for it but as soon as the likes of shenaz arti and well sukla is a good player but the way salman is protecting them is too obvious....koena didn't deserve to go and the connection stupidity should have stop with bff. in all seasons there was lots of good tasks but this one is too pathetic and i wash my hands with this season
Cheeno9 9 months ago The show lost its essence since Salman Khan started interfering and making it Salman boss show me if he is replaced and the original concept comes back it will work..the show is about to live 3 months in solitary cutoff of from outside contact from outside world..previous early seasons have sone constructive tasks like making furniture for kids painting etc feedback from anyone not even hint...but here Salman bringing all his flopped friends inside house then telling contestants what is other person talking about other .telling them to fight...entertainment isn't the concept of this show for this there are other shows splitsville type...biggboss is to survive fighting with ur innerself also..I wish Salman just go...or stop being boss himself.
shalini_arsha 9 months ago Totally agree with and disappointed with this season.... It look likes they are making it like spiltsvilla ...which i m not interested... Yess.. Dalljiet Kaur's eviction is totally degrading for mee which shows that when there is chance amongsome contestant to show fake connections they being saved for just content .. Totally disappointed. With Dalljiet kaur's eviction my journey for this season is already over..🤐🤐 Love you Dalljiet kaur 🤩😍😘 U and koen mitra actually played eith Dignity...👍👍👍
Alpha_Ka_Gamma 9 months ago Too Quick to judge a show like BB in 2 weeks. The craze for BB is just huge and its ever increasing. Currrent seaosn will take time once 1st finale is done it will be in its real track. 2.7 TRP and 1.5 average is just enough to say that BB has not lost the charm at all. Infact for me KBC Nach Baliye and Indian Idol has become boring and repititive.
Pixie98 9 months ago I always say this. Contestants have much potential to make it a rocking season but the BB is just so odd at times. They are busy in finding couples, favs and all that stuff which highly irks us. I am not much offended because the worst season mentioned BB12 is watched by me and i admit it was a bl**dy nightmare. But this season atleast has the potential just makers need to be more focussed on the content and not the nonsense couplings and love shit !! And they need to bring back jail and confession room features back.
SnehaExpression 9 months ago The issue is Bigg boss has become more like MTV Splitsvilla or love school. If we wanted to watch Splitsvilla, why would we watch BB? We are not interested in girls forming desperate connections with boys and vice-versa only for the sake of nominations.
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