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Bigg Boss 13: The Entire House gets Nominated This Week!

Once again, the nominations task takes an interesting turn in the Bigg Boss 13 house and the entire house gets nominated for this week's elimination..


Earlier this week, we saw Shefali Bagga who made his re-entry in the house was evicted from the house. Now, for this week's nomination task, the contestants are geared up to save themselves from nominations. 

Once again, the nominations task takes an interesting turn wherein the housemates have to trade the house properties to get saved from nominations.He will announce which furniture will be taken and within the given time, they have to unanimously decide whether they choose to keep the furniture or save a housemate. 

The house is soon divided into two groups who just cannot come to a unanimous decision and everyone’s worried about the outcome. The housemates make efforts to come to a common consensus when Bigg Boss puts up the green bed in the garden for barter. While the debate is on whether save Mahira,Shehnaz makes it clear that she doesn’t want to save her. She stands her ground and the chance goes to waste.  Later, when the housemates try to settle on saving Aarti, Shehnaz turns around and changes disagrees on saving Aarti, too. This leaves Aarti, Sidharth and Paras in shock. Where Mahira loses her calm on Shehnaz, Shehnaz taunts Paras and Sidharth saying that if they can play games with her, she can do the same.

 None of the contestant gets saved in the task and entire house gets nominated for this week's elimination. 

Who do you think will get evicted this week? Let us know your views in the comments below...

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