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'Bigg Boss 13' Saturday Highlights: The Moments From Tonight That Caught Attention

First Saturday Episode of this season was a mixture of being dull and entertaining at the same time.


The first 'Weekend Ka Vaar' episode happened and while the past couple of seasons have seen some real fireworks, this one was rather mellow in that sense. Of course, the main reason for that is the fact that the show is back to all-celebrities, who take a while to open up and at times, don't open up at all. Let's see what were the highlights from the episode.

Salman Khan's Charisma But Monotonous

As usual, the show's face Salman Khan entered with his natural charisma and would go on to do his usual job, that is playfully marking things, being sarcastic and at times even condescending. That, however, is needed for the show and that is what Khan is good at. That was at display yet again but it somehow feels monotonous now, not to the discredit of the host but the concept of the show.

Shehnaz Kaur Gill is a Natural Entertainer

Of course, she is not perfect and at times, she may test your patience as seen throughout the week. But one thing cannot be denied that Gill is a certain entertainer and she makes sure that her antics are noticed. What seemed to many like a game plan or her strategy for the show has now been obvious that she is like this. Her general demeanor is tailor-made of sorts for the show.

Aarti Singh's Breakdown

The actress talked about how not being able to retaliate isn't her nature and she felt extremely irritated on herself for not reacting on things. This even got her to get emotional and Khan pointed out that too.

Salman Applauding Siddharth Shukla

Shukla has been receiving almost unanimous support from the fans outside for the way he is approaching the game and playing it so far. Khan agrees where the host went on to applaud Shukla's way of playing the game and even supported him in a couple of instances regarding the Hospital task.

Salman Applauding Shefali Bagga Against Tide

If Khan can agree with the unanimous support of the fans, he can disagree with other things too. The host has developed a trend of sorts every year where he, himself gets under scrutiny and flak for his support or disapproval towards fans' opinions. That also happened this week in a way, where Shefali Bagga has received a lot of negative comments and flak from the viewers outside but Khan disagreed with that. He, in fact, went on to applaud Bagga for her taking a stand and being bold about things. Usually, I also disagree with Khan but for this one, I second it.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee Marked For Being a 'Bahu' Yet Again

The actress has been constantly saying in all her interviews before the show on how one of the reasons for her entering the show is changing her image of being a 'bahu.' But that hasn't been the case this past week for Bhattacharjee. She was marked for the same by the Caller of the Week. Bhattacharjee accepted the same and mentioned how she wants to change it.

Which one did you think was the big or small moment of the show? Leave in your comments below.

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ahilajkula 8 months ago Siddharth Shukla is simply the best!
NatalyMusketeer 8 months ago Siddharth Shukla is simply the best, better than all the rest...
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