Bidding farewell to the Jab Luv Hua team

Enjoy the roller coaster down the memory lane with the cast of Jab Luv Hua.

It is rightly said that all good things have to come to an end. With the fluctuating TRPs and the unsteady time slots, Zee’s Jab Luv Hua came to an end last week. The show that took us to a completely different side of life,the show that took us away from fancy cars, expensive costumes, and actors soaked in utter melodrama, we can surely term Jab Love Hua as "Unique and Nice". A light hearted comedy with a touch of reality mixed with hypothetical situations, is what made the show a really big hit. Being a non social drama, the show did extremely well on the TRP chart and managed to keep the viewers glued to the show.

The Telly Buzz team visited the sets of JLH at Film City and caught up with some of the stars on the last day of their shoot. Folks, sit back and enjoy the ride down the memory lane with the stars of the show.

"The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" - That quote certainly applies to none other than Janki amma. The role of Jaanki Amma was played by none other than the versatile legend - Rameshwariji. From movies to the small screen, Rameshwariji has been doing wonders with her acting prowess. Lets talk to the star actress herself as she shares her experiences with the show.

What is the one thing that you are going to miss about the show?

Honestly, its nothing. I am not going to miss a lot about the show really. But yes, I will miss working with cast and crew. For the last two years you see them everyday, you work with them, you spend most of your day with them and all of a sudden, you’re done, that does create a void.

When you were first shown in the show, the way your character was portrayed, it felt like you were like Bhuvan’s mother in the movie - Lagaan. And some where we felt that the strong character was lost.

My character was not that of Bhuvan’s mother, it was much bigger than that. And yes, I am very disappointed that it did not go the way I was promised in the beginning. But then again, this is a daily show. A lot of things change on a day to day basis.

Talk about the younger generation of actors, how was it working with them?

Younger Generation? Come on, I am among them too. (laughter) I just love both the girls. They are such darlings. They are so helpful and so caring, and so well mannered. They don’t create any issues on the sets and its all at ease. The only issue that happens here is that the girls love the Dogs of Film City a lot, and they spend their entire time with them. One cant even call that an issue really.

Who is the prankster on the sets?

Priya and Sudeepr keep doing pranks on everyone, but no one is really a prankster as such.

Who is the comedian on the sets?

It has to be Atulji. He is the funniest of them all. And I actually understand his jokes, being from the same generation as him. (winks)

Any new projects coming up?

I don’t know yet. I want to do something different. Actually, I might be even directing my own film. Lets see, where life takes you.

Next in line, we have the king of all good times - Rangeela, played by none other than
the master of all actors - Atul Srivastav. From ruling the theatre industry in Delhi to doing memorable character roles in movies and television, Atulji has come along a long way. Atulji below talks about the roller coaster of events that happened in the show.

What will you miss the most in the show?

The location. Film city in the monsoon is just so beautiful.

Any unforgettable moments while playing Rangeela?

Yes, many actually. Specially, the episode when it was shown that Rangeela and Dibbie are on the roof top, drinking the desi brand of alchohol, and its portrayed like they are having an affair, but its not, as its only alchohol that connects them. The whole sequence was really funny to shoot.

Your comments on the show ending:

When something starts, it has to end.

Talking about the cast and crew, how was it working on the sets.

We enjoyed a lot. These young actors are fun to work with. Plus, I’ve had the honor of working with actors like Janki amma, the postman, dadi, etc. I’ve known them for a long time, and it was great to be working with them again.

Who is the prankster on the sets?

The entire young generation! We all become bakras at some given point. But I was made the most. I distinctively remember the time when we had the shoot for the basket ball match. And we had to go on a hill in film city. On a heated afternoon, I was relaxing in my caravan. When a spot came and told me that the shot is ready. I climbed all the way up the hill, and found no one there.. And about an hour later, all these people came up screaming - bakra.. (laughter)

Any new projects coming up?

I did a cameo in Dulhan recently. And I wish to do something different all the time. As when ever I do a character, I make sure I put in my 100% too.

A best friend, an honest son, a loving husband and a responsible citizen is what makes Raghu the perfect man. Whether it was to work hard for the village people, or to go out of his way for his family, or was it to even trouble the Shehri Billi in the beginning, Raghu’s character was loved by all. We now talk to Sudeep Sahir who has done a great job playing - Raghu and get an insight of the action behind the scenes.

What will you miss the most about the show?

My Dhoti! (laughter) I’ll really miss the location - Film city. There were days when it was really hot, and we had to shoot in the hot sun. but now a days its jut beautiful here.

How is it working with Priya and the rest of the cast?

Its been a great time. We enjoy both, on and off shoot.

Who is the prankster on the sets?


What is your take about the show ending?

After shooting for a long while, I am glad that I am getting a break, but other than that, it is sad the way things wrapped up. But the good thing is that we ended on a good TRP even with the fluctuations with the timings, etc. I am glad that we had a set of viewers who didn’t leave us, no matter what time slot we were put in.

Is there something that you’d wish should have happened to keep the show going?

Not really. May be a better time slot, which could attract people of all ages.

Any memorable moments in the show?

Yes, recently, I played a double role, and that was really fun and tideous. And off screen, well, its too hard to really pick one.

How has it been on the sets? Any issues? Controversies what so ever?

None. I am not being diplomatic, but the truth is, that everyone here is so chilled out. I have had a great time with everyone here. Priya was great to work with. The whole team is just mind blowing. All those controversies put up regarding the fights, etc is all false.

Next plan of action?

I just want to relax right now. Whatever I do next, definitely wont be with a dhoti (laughter)

Last but not the least, is none other than Memli - Aanya, played by Priya Badlani.. The 'Shehar ki Mem', the very bubbly and pleasing Priya stole the hearts of all as the Lovable Aanya. Here is a chit-chat with Raghu's Memli...

One thing you’ll miss the most in the show?

I’ll miss the location, the dogs in film city and Rampyari! (laughter) Rampyari has been my best friend here. She can recognize me from far. Gosh, I’m really going to miss her.

What’s your take on the show ending?

I really feel sad that the show is coming to an end. But I guess that’s the best thing to do. And we have such a good TRP even towards the end, that’s what matters. Nevertheless, I am happy that I’ll finally get some time off.

The most memorable moment for you on the show?

All my moments with Rampyari (laughter).

Who’s the prankster on the sets?

Definitely Rahul.

Who tediousis the comedian on the sets?

Everyone… Everyone is just simply hilarious here. Rangeela, Dadi, Suhir, everyone.

How has it been working here?

Everyone is so much fun. I get along with Dadi the most. Its so ironic that in the show we don’t get along, but in real life we get along well.

What about the Film City Dogs?

I am going to miss these Dogs a lot. They have grown up before me. On rainy days we secretly wrap them with the production house blankets, no one has any clue about that. We make sure, they’re given proper food everyday. As soon as I come to the shoots, they run to me, and play around till the shots are ready.

What next?

I have no clue. I just want to sleep and go on a long holiday and go crazy.

We wish everyone a big farewell and certainly wish the very best for their future. Stay tuned to TellyBuzz for more behind the scenes action from your favorite stars.

Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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This sounds to be a great project. There is one factual error though..this will be far from their 2nd mve together. They have done more than 10 movies together before rajini established himself as a hero.

16 years ago

Gr8....looking forwrd that film..best wishes

16 years ago

it was a wonderful show , but it kind of good a tad bit cheesy ... bhola was awesome! i wish for their bright futures~

16 years ago

HATS OFF!!! TO PRIYA BADLANI & RAHUL OHANI (BHOLA) FOR THEIR superb & mindblowing acting.

16 years ago

awh...i'm sooo sad this show is ending!

I really loved this and now will really miss it!

I really loved the interview!

Thanks so much for a wonderful JLH team!!

16 years ago

im gonna miss this show!
it made me laugh!

16 years ago

IOt was a unique show, no serious tears but laughs...best of luck to all the actors. They really made the show worthwhile =)

16 years ago

PRIYA BADLANI AS aanya shroff was damn rocking!!! ,priya badlani is the most smartest & sweetest actress on tv right now ,priya has got such a confidence & attitude & freshness in her acting ,she is totally different from her comtemporary actressess , priya just reminds me of only one person & that person is CUTE ,VIBRANT & A FAB ACTRESS PREITY ZINTA.
I WISH priya badlani & rahul lohani all the good luck in their lives & wish that they wud always entertain their great fans like me with their brilliant piece of acting.



I AM HAPPY THAT jab love hua ended at the right time as the show was turning so boring & predictible ,hope priya ,rahul & atul wud get great shows in their future & keep working on television guys!!!!!!!!!!

16 years ago

Aww can't believe that JLH is ending.

16 years ago

i will realli miss dis show n my fav act.. priya n rahul n rampyari lolz
actually it was a realli sweet n touchin show

16 years ago

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