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Bidaai girls, Sarah and Parul on a crying spree..

Sarah Khan and Parul Chauhan flooded the set with tears, during the shoot of the 'Roka' scene.. Get details here..

Published: Monday,Mar 03, 2008 19:08 PM GMT-07:00
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The protagonists of Rajan Shahi’s Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, Sarah Khan and Parul Chauhan are certainly ‘inseparable’ in all ways, and this was proved when both the girls used to faint one after the other on the sets of Bidaai earlier! Now, it looks like the ‘fainting season’ has given way to ‘uncontrollable tears’!!

Bidaai girls, Sarah and Parul on a crying spree..
Recently, a scene was shot wherein Vasundhara Rajvansh, played by Seema Kapoor storms into Sadhana’s house asking for Sadhana’s hand to her son, Alekh. Vasundhara has come all prepared to conduct the Roka ceremony; and as this scene was being shot, Sarah, who plays Sadhana, got emotional and started crying endlessly. Seeing Sarah cry, Parul who plays Ragini broke down too! As if this was not enough, Seema Kapoor too could not stop her tears from flowing and joined the bandwagon.. 

The Telly Buzz team talks to Parul Chahuan about this incident and she says, “We were shooting a scene where Seema Kapoor comes at our place with a marriage proposal for Sadhana. While doing that scene, we were not allowed to cry but after the pack up, we both went into a room and started crying. All the cast and unit members came to ask what made us cry.” So why exactly did you cry? “The reason behind our crying was only that I thought of the situation when Sadhana will leave us. We are all so attached now, we come to the shoots together and also go back home together. Whoever packs up early after the shoot waits for the other! We have a nice bonding on the set. So the feeling of leaving each other made both of us cry”, says Parul. 

When we quizzed the initiator of tears, Sarah Khan, she too echoed her on-screen sister’s sentiments and said, “The scene was very emotional where Sadhana’s roka ceremony is taking place. After the shoot, I got every emotional for the fact that after marriage, I will not be shooting anymore with my family and with Ragini. The very thought that I had to work with an entirely new family brought tears to my eyes”.

Well, hats off to the creative team of Bidaai who foresaw this bonding between the sisters and scripted a story wherein both sisters eventually get married into the same household!!

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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sonia @**sanya** 15 years ago r dese some telugi marathi sort of films
i mean dere not hindi r dey
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mala s @Malajiji 15 years ago That is shoo sweeet.. they are like sisters. very cute they are..
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 15 years ago That is so sweet... good to hear that cast members are able to get along so well....but I don't want to see ragini and sadhna separated... :(
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Shreya @AVFAN 15 years ago Ohhhh so sweet...but Ragini & Sadhan can never separate.
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neha @neha28 15 years ago omggg....i bet even real sista's dun cry for each other like dis...
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sima @xsimzxchickx 15 years ago wowwwwwwww damn poor sista will miss each otha!
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