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Bhumi Pednekar becomes the center of attraction for brands; Signs Six big brands back-to-back

Bhumi Pednekar signs six brands in pandemic, getting her equity to soar high!

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Bhumi Pednekar

Courtesy : Bhumi Pednekar

Young Bollywood star Bhumi Pednekar has carved a niche for herself with her phenomenal acting skills and her advocacy towards climate conservation in India. Her brand equity is extremely strong today and it echoes of attributes like real, trustworthy, conscious and upright citizen, self-made, relatable, progressive, transparent and having a voice of her own. Her current equity is one of the reasons why the actress has signed six brands during the coronavirus pandemic!

A brand expert says,


Today, all brands are looking for endorsers with substance. The pandemic has changed the dynamics forever and all brands want to be sure that the celebrity endorser should have a voice of his/her own and also stand for values and ethics. There is a reason why someone like Bhumi Pednekar’s equity has shot through the roof because she stands for progressive cinema, aims at representing the free-thinking modern Indian woman correctly on screen and also raises her voice for future generations with her climate change initiative.

- Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi is not only celebrated for her solid body of work in Bollywood and her remarkable hit rate at the box office but she is also hailed for being a vocal citizen who has taken up advocacy for climate conservation in a big way.

Bhumi has always been an environmentally conscious citizen who has taken up climate conservation as a cause to raise awareness among fellow Indians. Bhumi has launched a lauded online and offline initiative called Climate Warrior through which she is mobilizing citizens of India to contribute towards protecting the environment. She has also mobilized Bollywood into participating in this initiative too.


Bhumi Pednekar

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