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Bhai Bhaiya Aur Brother !!! to go off-air?

SAB TV’s recently launched show Bhai Bhaiya Aur Brother !!! might go off-air soon...


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Bhai Bhaiya Aur Brother !!! recently launched on the popular comedy channel SAB TV with popular Producers Vipul Shah and Deven Bhojwani, undergoing through a decline in its TRP ratings.

The show performed average on the TRP rankings in its initial days but with the passage of time, the TRP of the show began to fall resulting the show to come under scanner. We hear that the show might go off air next month.

We spoke to Muskaan Mihani who plays Jennifer in the show but she has no clue about the show going off-air. 

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Anwesha Kamal

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Deven Bhojani Muskaan Mihani Vipul Shah Bhai Bhaiya Aur Brother !!!  SAB TV 

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sparkle2985 7 years ago SAB shld come up with an excellent star cast and nice concept like TMKOC so tat the ppl will watch there 8pm slot serial this slot is the toughest for them as there r two biggies already ruling the trp charts2012-07-23 04:29:58
-EvilDesires- 7 years ago OMG!!! Only 3-4 ppl have commented on the original article...and others are here just to shout my show best and mera show best!!!
PPl get a life!!!
These are just fictional characters and their stories too will end someday...
BBB is a show havin wonderful actors like Vrijesh, Muskaan, Suraj, Muni Jha who are established actors...hope they gave some other time slot to the show!!! Anyway, All The best to the team of BBB!!!!
And ppl who are busy shouting mera show mera show, Barun, Sanaya, or Pratyusha or the producers and directors of the show won't even know n bother about such things, there are better things in life...:)2012-07-24 00:23:53
-Serene.Rose- 7 years ago Dunno why good shows always become a victim of TRPs.. My fav shows ended up like this.. and now BBB too :(
Tish_Ani 7 years ago @naidladoo-2: stop bashing oder shows.
gosh, hw did oder serials cum in?
now its better to bid farewell to dis serial n I hope dere r no furder arguments related to bashing on oder serial/actors...:)2012-07-22 00:14:27
meghana1reddy 7 years ago every serial @ one or other point wil become boring.. itz nt thy dont have good stry,gud actors... thy just drag , drag , drag .. ...but all my fav serials... i lost interest at one point..again everythng would b normal. dmg[ i want to bang my head wen ridima gt married to sid, though bth r gud @ acting, gud chemistry] navya,[ wen thy made proper saas , bahu ,blaming blah blah...] yeh rishta[ @frst i love this serial, nw i dnt remeber wen i watched it last tym] ipk.. summ how i feel it has entertaining element...[i hate hw mami behaves calling bakwas names, hurting d self respect, dragging kidnap sequences, shyam ka wherz d proof proof proof things, but love d actors performance, chemistry nd fun element with gud sentiments...] so no offence... i stil luv the aforesaid serials,.. no one can give all awesome episodes, unless u really dont drag them and end in proper time, though u have peak trps[which no one wil do] nd i wil end this blah blah post too :P:P
hey.bhaggu 7 years ago Deven Bhojwani, Aatish Kapadia and JD Majethia should team up together and just bring Sarabhai vs Sarabhai back!

It was the BEST sitcom ever in the history of Indian Television.
KaShArHi_Krishi 7 years ago I love this show!!! Please don't go off air!!!
Ooolalala 7 years ago @naidlaado Stop bashing Yrkkh ehmmbh mkap ipkknd and all other shows.

these shows are not like your crap laado.

Do you even know how famous naksh arhi virmaan kriya viriika even are? I dont think you know or you would have not bash these shows. These shows teach great lessons not like your laado which only teach bad things to people

well why am I arguing with you. I dont think you will understand.
SomethingRandom 7 years ago This Show is not at all related to IPKKND
attiya13 7 years ago poor show...getting off air so soon...luvvv IPK nd BV...both are owsme other show can compete with them at 8pm slot...
naidlaado...agree with u 4r sme shows bt not IPK nd PV...2012-07-21 11:42:57
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