Betiyaan completes 500 episodes..

The show has successfully completed its three years on Zee TV, and also hits the 500 mark...

The unit of Zee's Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan is in a celebration mood as it has successfully completed its three year run recently and is still going strong. The show has been fetching the channel good TRP's and this gives them a double bonus.

"We are happy that the show has completed its 500 episodes too. It's always a collective effort from producers, technicians, directors, actors and definitely the channel", says Dheeraj Kumar, Creative Head, Creative Eye.

Talking about setting the trend, the Producer adds, "Today's competitive scenario has given rise to shows on betiyaan(girls of the family). Laadli, Nanhi Pari, Agle Janam, Laado etc are the new shows trying to make a name for themselves. But it feels glad when we think that the actual trend of betiyaan was started by us. I am happy and saying this in a humble way that it really feels good that people are following it".

When asked about the future track, Dheeraj Kumar said, "Definitely there will be a new storyline and more characters getting introduced, but not so soon. Things will take place only post IPL", he quips.

Gunjan Walia aka Lakshmi is in for a double celebration. "With the show completing its three years and 500 episodes, I have also completed my one year as Lakshmi and it feels great. The show is going great and hope our fans love us in the same way".

Congratulations to the Betiyaan team!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Gunjan Walia

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Dheeraj Kumar

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Congrats to the entire team of Betiyaan!

15 years ago

congrats, I hope this show doesn''t get boring ANYMORE!

15 years ago

People watch it only because of the time slot. otherwise this is one boring useless show.

15 years ago

congratulations to the whole team.

15 years ago

i miss twinkle as laxshmi she looks nice in the pic above

15 years ago

-Maya- Thumbnail



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15 years ago

Congo to them well i think its hightime it should be end... becoz i think every good serial needs an good ending

15 years ago

Congo shongo!!
WAW its been a year since she
s lakhsmi already!?!

15 years ago

it is a good show and deserves this honour.
They have been able to keep viewers hooked though I suspected that Pavitra was getting too much but no still they have made it interesting. Good going Congrats

15 years ago

congrats to the betiyaan team, good going so far!
hope surayakant comes back soon!

15 years ago

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