#BestOf2017: Telly Couple Break-ups That Came As A SHOCKER!

Read on as we list them down. Read on to know more.

"Sanchita Jhunjhunwala"
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Meetings and partings are a part and parcel of life, and so are heartbreaks. Seeing your favourite TV actors part ways with their better halves is something that comes across as a shock to one and all. 

While fans are accustomed to seeing the couples both on screen and off screen, certain things do lead to calling the relationship off. And, the past year saw quite a number of couples parting their ways for various reasons.

Here are some of them which sure came across as major shockers!

Additi Gupta - Rizwan Bachav

Last seen in Star Plus show Ishqbaaaz, Additi Gupta called it quits with her long time boyfriend Rizwan Bachav. The reason for their break up is unknown, but a few media sections claim that Additi's closeness to her Pardes... co-star Laksh Lalwani is what drove a wedge between the former couple.

Veena Malik - Asad Khattak

Actress, Veena Malik separated from her husband of three years over domestic abuse allegations. The two got married in December 2013 and have two children.

Anshuman Malhotra - Sanaya Pithawala

The Warrior High couple, Anshuman and Sanaya dated for almost two and a half years and called it quits after they mutually decided to part ways for reasons best known to them. The two however, continue to remain friends.

Summit Bhardwaj - Sonal Vengurlekar

Beyhadh fame Summit Bhardwaj broke up with girlfriend of three years, Sonal Vengurlekar due to compatibility issues. Sonal stated how the two of them were having a lot of problems in understanding each other and rather than being in a forced relationship it is good to part ways. 

Mandana Karimi - Gaurav Gupta 

After failed attempts at saving her marriage, ex-Bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi parted ways with husband, Gaurav Gupta post allegations of domestic violence.

Avinash Sachdev - Shalmalee Desai 

One of the most loved telly couples, Avinash Sachdev and Shalmalee Desai's marriage hit a rough patch in July this year post which the couple was said to be heading for a divorce. Temper issues and repeated arguments were cited to be the reason for this step. Though Avinash completely rubbished the rumours later saying that it's a joke and that people can keep assuming and writing what they want to, the truth is that the couple has already headed for a divorce.

Pankit Thakker - Praachi 

Married for 17 years, Pankit and Praachi's marriage hit a rough patch in 2015 and the two live alone ever since, suggest news reports. The decision, however, was a mutual one and the two have been trying their best to give their son a secured future.

Amit Tandon - Ruby 

The two tied the knot in 2009 after they met on a social media platform. Amit has been mum about issues with his wife since the very beginning only until the news of their separation came to fore in July this year. The two parted ways on grounds of compatibility issues.

Shraddha Arya - Jayant Ratti

Shraddha Arya, who got engaged to Jayant in 2015, an NRI, there have been no developments in their relation ever since. The actress herself claimed that the two haven't been much on talking terms and though things aren't really smooth, she doesn't want to take decisions in an impulse.

Aditi Rathore - Shreedhan Singh

One of the most shocking breakups of this year, Naamkarann actress Aditi Rathore announced her breakup with boyfriend of six years, Shreedhan Singh on social media. Things apparently changed for the couple post Aditi bagged the role as a lead and got busy with her shoot schedule. 

Bobby Darling - Ramnik Sharma 

Actor Bobby Darling has filed for divorce from her husband, Ramneek Sharma, citing domestic violence and unnatural sex. She stated how Ramneek would get drunk and beat her up, and in fact, also accused her of having an affair with every second man she knows. She also filed an FIR citing charges of dowry against her in-laws.

Juhi Parmar - Sachin Shroff 

Juhi and Sachin got married in February 2009, and have a cute daughter from their marriage named Samaira. The two ended their marriage of eight years in November this year owing to difficult times.

Piyush Sahdev - Akangsha Rawat

Things turned rather sour between Piysuh Sahdev and wife Akangsha Rawat when Piyush decided to take things pertaining their relation in his own hands and moved out with a girl without telling anything about it to his wife. In fact, he wasn't there for his wife even when she had a panic attack. Post separation, Piyush has also been in the news for being accused of rape charges.

Which break-up came as a huge shocker for you? Did we miss out on any? Leave in your comments below..