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Best Holi Pranks played on Celebs

Pranking your friends on Holi is a must. But what if you get pranked first?


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We may have heard many stories of how our actors play pranks on Holi. Whether it is their on-screen celebrations or off-screen celebrations, that does not count. Today we speak to a few actors who shifted from the accused to victim category. That is, when they were pranked. 

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Shoaib Ibrahim, Actor

One holi a few years ago, I was sleeping and I must have been in deep sleep because my friends put color on my face while I was sleeping.  As soon as I woke up they drenched me in water.  What a start I had to my holi but its definitely a memory I cherish.  

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Kunwar Amarjeet Singh, Actor & Dancer

While shooting for Dil Dosti Dance Holi special one year, without telling anyone I asked my spot boy to go and get bhang and mix it with thandai and make all the artists drink it.  Everyone got high and then it was so much fun on the set and the director of course was angry that what is happening.  We all had a gala time.  

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Nandish Singh Sandhu, Actor & Entrepreneur

I've pretended to be very high on Bhaang and in reality I didn't have any bhang.  A couple of friends had come over one year and I had thandai at home and I pretended to be super drunk and everyone started thinking that there is something wrong with me.  In fact they were about to take me to the doctor until I told them that I was just kidding and that it was a prank.  

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Sara Arfeen Khan, Actress & Producer

I have many where I have played a prank but I got pranked for the first time when I had taken a day off from Dhoond Legi Manzil Humein which we were shooting in Pune and came to Mumbai for a day and did not realise it was an active Holi celebration... When I reached home and called Arfeen he told me to come to the neighbouring building as few friends decided to catch up for a while.. So I walked down n went into the building close to mine and I did not see a soul... It was like a dead town you normally see in those zombie movies and then all of a sudden a whole bucket of water splashed from above and I could see a bunch of friends running from a distance towards me with their weapons ( water guns, balloons, bucket of water) even if a person is not terrified of Holi would run for their life... Again it looked like a bunch of zombies running towards me to bite... I ran for my life but ultimately got splashed, sprayed, destroyed and was ultimately thrown into a tub of God knows what coloured water!!!

Wow. Super exciting pranks we must say.


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