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BBC Productions' Fear Files series to have a romantic touch!

Gear up to experience the horror with a touch of romance in the tales of Zee TV's upcoming horror episodic series Fear Files which will be produced by BBC Productions...

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BBC Productions which is known for creating the magic of romance on-screen through its popular youth shows like Dil Dostii Dance and Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan, is now all set to make a new beginning in the genre of horror through the return of Zee TV's popular horror series Fear Files.

The series of the upcoming season of Fear Files is going to be produced by multiple production houses, who will produce horror stories showcasing different themes. BBC Productions headed by Myleeta Aga and Palki Malhotra who are known for creating some magical romantic tale on-screen, will make the horror stories for the series with an added flavor of romance to it.

Talking about the same, Palki Malhotra told us, "We wanted to do something different with horror genre so romance is something that we are very proud of and we thought that how would it be if horror and romance would be combined with each other."

Surely horror with a blend of romance is going to be perfect indeed! 

Anwesha Kamal

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SugarDream 6 years ago kaisi yeh yaariaan is the best Indian Show ever
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teddybear67 6 years ago Looking forward to the show... Palki maa'm is a genious. She will do wonders with this show too. All the best maa'm & VRUSHIKA MEHTA for her upcoming episode..
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ExpectoPatronus 6 years ago Palki maam rocks... love & respect her... she is s straight-forward person.
d3 ws nt bbc's btw...
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jasneet1008 6 years ago Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan
Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan
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rbpll 6 years ago If i am not mistaken D3 was from cinevistass...the rest are i.e. KY2 n fear files are from to sahi chaapo ...
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Hifah 6 years ago Kaise Yeh Yaariaan rocks ...
@shibz okay.i dnt know that2015-04-24 00:51:21
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i_yatharthk 6 years ago Lol d3 prduced by bbc...dis iscthe magic of palki mam people r thnkng as palki mam wascthe maker of was PH as she is now there
This shows cinevistaas place...wat they did with her is now cmng back to EMI lol
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Cindrella-Sha 6 years ago Lol, So ITs Palki maata's show,Thats why Vrushika. Next Shantanu, sam, Vrinda. Haha.
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OmaRamdass 6 years ago commenting only for kaisi yeh yariyaan
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BeulaSwaRon 6 years ago palki mam and romance+horror...gonna be amazing. D3 was by a crap sick PH Cinevistaas. How i wish D3 belonged to BBC and under Palki mam nly. Looking forward for Vrushika Mehta's episode
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