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BB13: Hina Khan Gets Angry on Vishal; Asks Him to Give Sensible Tasks!

Vishal asks Arti to cut her hair during the Elite Club task. While Arti agrees to it, Hina and other contestants get angry and insist that Vishal give sensible tasks...


Contestants are bringing their best game to the forefront in order to cement their position irrespective of their current relationships. After the ugly spat between Sidharth and Asim during the horse task, Mahira, Rashami and Arti are announced as the contenders for the task. Later on, Hina Khan enters the house for the selection process of the next ‘Elite Club’ member. 

Hina takes the selected contestants aside to listen to their perspective. Arti, Rashami and Mahira begin to convince Hina as to why they should be given a chance. However, convincing Hina isn’t easy and  Mahira fails to deliver. She later advises Mahira to make her own decisions to stay in the game while Arti and Rashami are given another task titled ‘Kabhi Ha Kabhi Na’.

A ‘Bhopu’ is kept in the garden area and each contestant is asked to give an ‘Aadesh’ to the contenders of the Elite Club. If the contenders agree, they have to reply with a ‘haan’ and if not they have to show a thumbs down. The person with more thumbs down will lose the game. 

Hina is the sanchalak of the task. The first contestant to give 'Aadesh' is Paras. He asks Rashami to trim her eyebrows. Before Rashami reacts to it, Hina rejects the task. Next, Mahira asks Rashami to apply Mehendi on her face and Rashami agrees to it. Vishal, who is the next one to give the Aadesh asks Arti to cut her hair. 

While Arti agrees to it, Hina and other contestants get angry and insist that Vishal give sensible tasks. But Arti like a sport agrees to go ahead. Soon after,  Shefali asks Arti to eat twenty chilies, which she successfully manages to do.

Meanwhile, Sidharth and Asim once again get into a verbal spat in front of Hina Khan. Their tussle leads to an ugly fight and Bigg Boss intervenes and calls them in the confession. Sidharth tells Bigg Boss that he cannot stand Asim anymore and wants to quit the show.

Will Sidharth really quit the show? What major twist will Hina introduce among the Elite Club Contenders?

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