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BB13: Arhaan Khan Feels That Salman Khan is Unbiased!

Arhaan Khan who got evicted from the Bigg Boss 13 house spoke to us about his exit from the house, his relationship with Rashami, biasedness towards Sidharth and much more...


Arhaan Khan who made his re-entry in the Bigg Boss 13 house was evicted recently and he spoke to us about his exit, his relationship with Rashami, his personal life and much more...

How was the second innings?

It was a lot of fun and full of ups and downs. 

Did you see the eviction coming?

I never thought that I would come outside the house. I also performed the task with my whole heart and wherever I felt that there is a need to take a stand, I took it. So, I’ll never understand why I got evicted.  

Tell us about yours and Rashami’s relationship?

Rashami and I share a very beautiful relationship which started off as a friendship and this house gave a new direction to it. 

You’ve been overshadowed by Rashami. Tell us about it?

See, I don’t know about overshadow but if Rashami said that I may get a career boost then it is a very good thing that she thought so much about me. The way that she has stood by me, I am very proud of it, the way she stood by me and played, I was not at all overshadowed by her. 

Arhaan your personal life got revealed in front of National Television, specially the kid and wife. What do you have to say?

Everyone has a personal life, a past, that was a thing which got revealed and it was a misunderstanding. Salman Bhai cleared this out as well and it came in front of everyone that it was a misunderstanding. You must have seen it that we were again normal within an hour when this got revealed. 

Everyone who entered the house was warning Rashami to stay away from you. Why so?

See, I won’t say that they are wrong but I think that they don’t know me personally, I don’t know anyone personally. They made an opinion of what they saw, what they heard, what must have been trolled or went viral on the internet. They made an opinion of me and spoke about it. I am sure that when I’ll meet them, talk to them,  they’ll start liking me. 

Don’t you think that it’s unfair to bring your past?

See In the 13 seasons of Bigg Boss, I never saw anything where a person’s past was brought up like this. Now we can’t keep crying of what happened in the past, It was sorted out in a good way and was cleared out and relationship got more stronger because of that. 

Sidharth and Rashami had a fight and she seemed very affected, why didn’t you decide to quit at that time?

See, to leave the show, to quit it can’t be the reason and it is not the solution to leave the show which gave you respect, which gave you a name and fame. You can either stand there and give them back. 

Arhaan what made you comment on Rashami's personal life in the show?

See, I think they made a topic out of that thing. Forget talking bad about Rashami, I can't even think badly of her. Sometimes, even if you don't want it there are certain things, certain words which just come out of your mouth like that. I even cleared it with Rashami that I had no intention of hurting her or saying anything bad about that. 

In fact, I wanted to say that she is so independent that even after so many struggles and problems, they way she moved ahead in life is commendable. But I think this thing was taken badly at that time, maybe my words were not right so I said sorry also to Rashami and that thing of ours was resolved in like 5-10 minutes. 

This season has clearly become Asim vs Sidharth and time and again contestants have said that everything is shown in favour of Shukla, what’s your take?

Even I am seeing and hearing a lot about the bias after coming out of the show, I am reading it everywhere that everyone is saying that the show is biased, Salman is biased. But I don’t think that Salman Bhai is biased.  Now there must be a reason that the contestants are saying this thing. Secondly there are certain fight which is resolved very quickly because as you saw in this season there is a lot of pushing involved, abuses and tearing each other's clothes allowed. I think if I would have done these things, then I would have been sent out the house long time back. 

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