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#BB12: 'I and Anup Ji are JUST FRIENDS', Says This Week's Evict, Jasleen!

More shocking details inside..

Published: Saturday,Dec 08, 2018 22:15 PM GMT-07:00
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It's that time of the week again when your favorite and not-so-favorite contestants get evicted from Bigg Boss. Some evictions are expected and some surprise us. This week witnessed a double eviction and the evicted contestants were- Jasleen Matharu and Marathi Bigg Boss winner Megha Dhade.

In a candid conversation with India Forums, Jasleen got up, close and personal with us and revealed a lot of things about her relationship with Anup Jalota, her journey in Bigg Boss and a lot more.

Would you like to clear the air upon whether you guys are dating or not?

No, we're not dating. There is just a guru-shishya relationship between us, and even when we were introduced on the show we said same. I don't know what happened, what came into my mind, I just said prankingly that we're in a relationship since three years and that we are a couple and even Anup Ji didn't react on it, and I thought this passed off as a joke. But later I realized the air hadn't cleared. Even the housemates somewhat believed it. But now I'm clearing it out that its purely a guru-shishya relationship, and nothing else.

Don't you think it's a very big statement and will affect your fans?

See, I'm a fun and chilled out person. I don't know what I felt in that moment. Whatever happened, I'm very embarrassed about it.

When Hina Khan entered house and said that Anup Ji has made a statement outside about your relationship being purely a guru-shishya one, you reacted in a very surprised way. Was it just to gain publicity? Why did you continue the drama?

It wasn't drama. I felt like he's denying me as we came here as a jodi and were playing as one, but somewhere I felt that he denied everything with me and I felt bad about it.

Why was he jealous when Shivashish gave you massage, and even in the task where you needed to burn your clothes for him?

I don't think it was jealousy, he was just being protective.

Didn't you feel the need to clear it while you were in the show?

See, things just kept going on and we didn't find the perfect chance. I didn't know a little prank could turn into something so big. Even my parents were very upset with me regarding this.

What would you like to comments about Sukhwinder controversy?

I don't know where did this come from. I know Sukhi ji since 6 years and we have worked together a lot and are very good friends. We are just friends, and nothing else.

In last few episodes we saw Somi saying that Jasleen is very insecure of me and is trying to be like me just to be in good books of Romil. What will you comment on that?

I don't know what to say because I don't understand in what way did she think that was I being insecure to her. I was just playing my own game my way.

What would you like to comment on Deepak's statement on you?

I don't know what he meant, but it was shocking to hear that from him. But yes, he has passed a lot of comments earlier too and I have no expectations from him.

Did you expect this eviction?

No I did not. In fact, I felt that instead of me and Megha; Rohit and Somi should have been evicted. Nonetheless, I had a great journey and I've learnt a lot.

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