BB 17: Rajiv Adatia blames Isha Malviya for 'instigating people',

Commenting on what went down between Isha and Abhishek, Rajiv Adatia took to his social media.

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Rajiv Adatia and Abhishek Kumar/Isha Malviya

Bigg Boss 15 contestant Rajiv Adatia is an ardent fan of the show and like many others, he rose to fame after receiving massive love from the fans of the show. In the recent turn of events inside the Bigg Boss house, Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar are again in the spotlight as the ugly exchange of words between the actors ends up with Isha physically pushing and attacking Abhishek. 

Isha Malviya seems to be confusing the fans with her actions towards Abhishek. Fans are finding it difficult to understand, why is she giving mixed signals to Abhishek and if is it her game to keep instigating him to survive on the show. The fans have noticed how she is often caught gossiping and instigating fights inside the house. Commenting on what went down between Isha and Abhishek, Rajiv Adatia took to his social media to comment, "What Abhishek said was very wrong and he was right to be told off he shouldn’t have said it. However, Isha provoked Abhishek and not only Abhishek but Samarth. 'Taali do haath se Bajti hai'. Yes! Abhishek was wrong but Isha knows how to instigate people! #bb17"

Following the comment of Rajiv, a fan wrote "Isha provoked Abhishek. Then Samarth joined and he also provoked him. But makers ke liye galat hamesha Abhishek hota hai. Sad!". Rajiv is known for commenting on current updates of the show and fans like to hear and follow his remarks. The comment from Rajiv has come at a crucial moment for Abhishek and it establishes that Rajiv only supports the right things.

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Comments (4)

isha is young and still has a lot of maturing to do...i dont think she means any harm

2 months ago

Suddenly Abhishek's pr is in damage control mode. Yes, BB is the game where ppl gaslight each other, but trying to justify by saying, oh! Yeah it is good u told him off, but he was being instigated, is a double dholki statement. Ur ex is not your personal property! Isha, is 20 now, they broke up some time back. Just wondering if Isha was an underage when this grownup guy was dating her and slapping her!

2 months ago

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