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BB 15 Weekend Ka Vaar prediction: Pratik & Simba's stand to Tejasswi, what might draw Salman's attention

Bigg Boss 15 is a reality show where audiences pick their favourites and save contestants they think deserve to be in the show, host Salman Khan too, speaks to the contestants every Weekend Ka Vaar and gives them an advice.

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Bigg Boss 15

Bigg Boss 15 has been churning out a lot of content in both good and bad ways. While many have been talking about their opinions on social media, among other things, but contestants too, have been facing a lot of things in general. And while it is a reality show with audiences picking their favourites and saving contestants they think deserve to be in the show, host Salman Khan too, speaks to the contestants every Weekend Ka Vaar and gives them an advice of what he feels, what the perception is outside, and more.

And right from the first week, we have been highlighting some points that we think Salman should talk about and might talk about. Check out some of the points we think:

Performances in the captaincy task

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This time's task have been truly rather sub par and fans too, have pointed out how this time around, people were focused on rather different things than wanting to win a task. Among other things, there's also the issue of the image consciousness that was visible. As a result, the Bigg Boss 15 house has no captain for the week.

People pretending to be different

Everyone has been very diplomatic this season and how. Every other day, they continue to try and portray themselves in a different light and most importantly, as per their own convenience too. As a result, things mentioned above happen.

Pratik Sehajpal and Simba Nagpal standing up during captaincy task

Pratik has been named someone who always revolts, however, this time, joining him during the same was Simba this time around, and that, shook things up. While everyone in the house seemed to be rather against them, many on social media felt that what they did was a right thing and they simply stood by what they believe in.

Tejasswi and Shamita trying to be authoritative

As has been seen in the promo already, the two have this supremacy of sorts and have been trying to portray a holier than thou image. Though their games have been in place in their own ways, they do seem to have gotten it wrong, purely because they feel their word should be the last.

Karan Kundrra, Tejasswi Prakash and Nishant Bhat

Nishant seems to have become the common factor here and while Karan and him have been friends for a while, things seem to have gone haywrie now. On the other hand, Tejasswi's bond with Nishant seems to be growing and it would be interesting to see if Khan has a comment on the same and if he can point out how Nishant might as well be in the right.

Rajiv Adatia's fight with Ieshaan Sehgaal

Things seemed to have blown quite out of proportion here and everyone overreacted in more ways than one. Right from Rajiv's approach to Miesha's reaction and Ieshaan's concern about his image. While there's only so much that one can reveal in a couple of hours into the house, it is rather funny how most random of things become the cause of fights.

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