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BB 13| Mahira Sharma Comments on Being Called Paras Chhabra's Shadow & More!

Mahira Sharma talked to India Forums about Paras Chhabra, her fights inside Bigg boss; Mujhse Shadi Karoge and her broken dream. Here is what she had to say...


Mahira Sharma, who got evicted close to the grand finale, has been known for her dynamics with the contestant and part of the top 6, Paras. The actress proved to be one of most lovable contestants. She recently had a chat with India Forums on her feelings about his swayamwar and what happened with the other contestants inside the house. 

Here is what she had to say...

Mahira was asked about the contestants and her fights inside the house. The actress commented that she had a fight with everyone inside the house but those fights remained happy ones that built her relationship with them. She spoke about Sidharth Shukla and said that even if they weren't fond of each other before, they eventually built a strong bond. "At first he didn't like some things about me and I, him; but as we both tried we started getting along", she said.

She was asked about several fights inside the show to which she said that "no matter what Shehnaz said, she knows me from outside the house and knows what my level is. Fame gets to people sometimes and they can't handle it."

"Whatever Rashami did with the doll, I never resented her for it as she was sorry about it. All I wondered about was 'why'. Though somewhere I like her and she has mentioned that she likes me so we have a good equation", Mahira said about Rashami Desai.

She spoke about how much Asim troubled her and that no matter how much she tried, he always hurt her, so she distanced herself to which he felt bad about. "And then it became like Tom and Jerry", she added.

Apart from that, Mahira also spoke about Paras and her equation. She said that it made her sad that her dream broke but it's okay even though it broke her heart. She spoke about how Paras and Mahira are equal and side by side not one behind the other. When Paras was told that he has disappeared and Mahira is just his shadow to which she commented that how does something that does not exist have a shadow?

She cleared that her mother did not mean what everyone assumed but meant that everyone thought that Mahira did not have a backbone of her own. She said that she thought of him as a friend and the kisses made her uncomfortable as the viewers would assume that it was something else. "if anything were to happen it would happen here and not in mujhse shadi karoge", she said.

Finally, Mahira spoke about the upcoming swayamvar of Paras and said that she is very excited and happy about it. She said that it is a great concept. Bigg Boss fans will not miss the show as they are still here.

She went on to add that she is sure he can get a great girl and that's when she will go there. She added that she taught him how to charm and woo a girl.

She wrapped up saying that she is grateful for all the love and support she has. "Keep supporting me because we need it. All we are is because of you so keep going," she added.

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