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BB 13| Asim Riaz: I Just Feel Blessed

In an exclusive conversation, Asim spoke to us about his equation with Sidharth, his current relationship status, Himanshi and much more...


Asim Riaz's journey has been a remarkable one full of friendship, fights, love, and fun. Asim who entered the house and was not well known amongst the audience is now a household name and had also marked his way to the Top 2.  

In an exclusive conversation, Asim spoke to us about his equation with Sidharth, his current relationship status, Himanshi and much more...

Did you expect being in the Top 2?

I just feel very blessed and whatever happens it is for the good. You should always have the motivation to win. I keep working hard and people are also telling me that even you have not won yet, you are a winner for me so there is nothing bigger than this. I just feel blessed. 

Finally, what is your equation with Sidharth now?

Everything is fine. Since the last two weeks, we are just trying to remember the good days of our friendship. It was just the action to the reaction in anger, it does happen in the show often. Everything is fine, nothing personal and I respect him and I wish him all the best. 

Asim you’ve received many tags. Your take on that? How you used to handle it?

It is their point of view and my point of view, you saw me clearing it and take my stand. 

Along with the love from fans, you have also received love in your life. Your take on Himanshi?

It’s a very beautiful feeling, when I am with her I am in another zone. I am feeling blessed and I want to thank Bigg Boss, Colors, Endemol for giving me this platform. Because of this, I made so many fans, received so much love from the audience and met Himanshi, so it’s a beautiful feeling. 

Shefali in an interview mentioned that you were hitting on her. Your take?

Yes I will clear it that I was not hitting on Shefali. I don’t know where she felt that, it was nothing like that and was just friendship. We had a bit tiff here and there, she didn’t like my point of view, I didn’t like hers and we grew apart. You cannot play a selfish game being in a team. If you are in a team of 2 or 4, then you have to take a stand for your friends, it doesn’t matter if you’ll look low at that time, that’s how it is. But I couldn’t see that in my friendship with her, so I was like okay, we have had our arguments but everything is fine. I wasn’t hitting on her firstly, no. 

It is also said that you drag the fight...

The thing is you cannot ignore things at that time. I could have called my family at that time and eaten my favorite food or anything then I would have done that but in that house, even if I am walking by the side then they are calling me names so I was just sitting in the chair and I was talking. So I was not dragging it because you cannot move away from there. I think you need guts to do that, what I was doing.

With whom would you like you be in touch?

Whoever would like to remain in touch, I will be in touch with them but now my main thing is to work and I wish everybody all the best. 

Lastly, what would you like to say to the fans...

Thank you so much fans. They believed in me, they are with me because I show emotions raw, uncut, good or bad. So thank you so much, I have reached till here because of you all. 

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Mariam26 1 months ago The best contestant in the history of Bigg Boss along with Gauhar and Gautam. For me you are a winner Asim; you have been an inspiration to all of us that Dreams do come True and you can Dare to Dream. Wish you all the best and yes I will personally miss watching you everyday on my TV screen xoxoxo
mansiahmed 1 months ago U r winner for me,All the best for future,be always the same..who give importance to self respect the most👏👏👏ur journey was worth watching
MaiBhiAsimKiGF 1 months ago All time best contestant of Bigg Boss!
Ilovewahi 1 months ago The real winner. Dekh lo sidhharth k PR india forums
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