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#BB 12: Guess Who Gets SAVED from Kaal Kothri This week?

Twist in the Kaal Kothri punishment as one contestant gets saved. Any guesses who?

Colors Bigg Boss has been a season which hasn't left much mark as TRPs too have been falling every week.  
This week inside the house has been one full of fights as the contestants seem to have a hard time on reaching to an agreement.  The captaincy task, the panchayat task, etc were all announced 'Radh' due to the housemates arguments.  

Now finally we hear that there was some agreement in the name of the contestants who should go to jail this week.  The housemates decided that Sreesanth, Deepak, and Surbhi deserve to be locked away this week.  The arguments continue as Surbhi and Sreesanth continue bickering with each other even inside the jail.
However, there is a twist in the tale!  Before the end of the day, Bigg boss gave the contestants a chance to free any one person from jail. As part of the setup, three locked boxes were kept which had the key of the kaalkothri and there were ice slabs kept in the garden area, and each had a key hidden in them for the boxes. 

Karanvir played for Deepak, Romil played for Sreesanth and Rohit for Surbhi. It was a task of breaking the other ice slab with a hammer and getting the key out and Romil ended up winning the task which means Sreesanth becomes free from jail for the week. 

Now that sounds exciting doesn't it?  

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