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Barrister Babu: Chandrachur to molest Bondita?

Barrister Babu will witness some high voltage drama ahead, but how will Bondita deal with it?

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Barrister Babu

The wedding ceremonies continue for Anindita in Barrister Babu. On one hand, Anirudh and Bondita encounter an emotional Grah Pravesh and take Blessings from Durga Maa, on the other hand, Chandrachur still has ill intentions for Bondita as he is still after her.

In the upcoming track, we will see how Chandrachur has a plan for Bondita. Chandrachur slaps Tupur in front of everyone when all say that it's a common practice for a husband to slap his wife. Following that, Bondita says that if it is so, then even Tupur should slap Chandrachur.

Anirudh forces Chandrachur to bend at Tupur's feet and makes him ask for forgiveness. However, Chandrachur does so but is burning in rage. After so much insult faced by Chandrachur, he has plans to molest Bondita.  Bondita and Anirudh are made to stay in separate rooms for Kal raatri. Since Bondita will be alone in her room, we will see Chandrachur enter.

Will Chandrachur succeed in his plan? 

Watch out this space to know more about the show.

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Rotiboy45 15 hours ago This is the point where they can finally expose Chandrachur, because this act is very disgusting, Anirudh will probably save her or bondita can attack him
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.Rinnie. a day ago The show has been getting MORE and MORE exciting each day!
The wedding week has been full of surprised, each episode, each scene, each minute of it has been wholesome and such a wonderful dedication for us loyal fans!
Everything has been perfect!
Nazar naa lage iss show ko :)
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