Barrister Babu: Bondita Pregnant; Anirudh goes missing

Barrister Babu will see major drama where on one side, the family will find that Bondita is pregnant and on the other side, Anirudh goes missing.

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Barrister Babu

Colors show Barrister Babu has been recently in the news for going off air. The makers have been keeping audience entertained with the high voltage drama. And upcoming episode will see major twist. 

After Batuk's entry in the show, there will be a major twist. Bondita has been called as a guest and at the speech area, some people throw her in a nearby water body. Anirudh jumps into the water body to save Bondita. Meanwhile, Batuk too reaches the venue and gets to know about this incident. He too reaches the water body and see Anirudh drowning away while saving Bondita, due to the water currents.

Meanwhile, Batuk saves Bondita and fails to save Anirudh. The whole family is worried as they are not able to find Anirudh. When doctor examines Bondita, they inform the family that she is pregnant and she should not be given any shock. Batuk feels more angry towards Bondita as he feels she is the reason behind Anirudh's death.

Watch out this space to know more about the show.

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Comments (3)

I must say who so ever made decision of making BB off air must be not in senses.
DO they not realize that this one of the most popular show among all shows . The story line theme is one attracted me and all others . In my family my mother also loves this show as much I do .
It is lovely show .

There are stupid shows with lesser TRP and stupid stories
or no stories why the hell they do not put them off air instead of BB.
To think of from which show they going to replace has ML who is past prime his age ( only show he looked young and nice was Pyarr ki Khani and may be Madhubala) and FL she is super average with no X factor in looks nor in talent no offence but true .
But look at BB Beautiful story line very talenetd and young and good looking actors - Anchal is awesome in look wise and in talent and has X factor and so is Parvisht who is also very talented and young and good looking and all others in show are also equally good .
This is only show I watch and needless to say I am all fans of BB are very disappointed and this wrong decision of channel ( Well colours has been always like this unprofessional and unpredictable )
All fans of BB pls protest and get BB extension.

2 years ago

Coz of batuk idiot cvs made ani missing ,what a crap 🙄 if different actor played batuk then ani doesn't need to be missing 👎 for twin look all story they messed up 🙄 now idiot trc will request batuk to be act ani with boni as she can't able to take any stress, 😠poor ani he doesn't even know his boni is pregnant ☹khichri bana diya iss beautiful love story ka.😠

2 years ago

What the heck is that??? why so many idiotic twist... cant they bid adieu to the show with the dignity that it deserves

2 years ago

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