Bappi Lahiri to make acting debut on TV

Mumbai, Feb 2 (IANS) Composer Bappi Lahiri is excited about his acting debut on the small screen in Disney's new show 'Ishaan'.

Mumbai, Feb 2 (IANS) Composer Bappi Lahiri is excited about his acting debut on the small screen in Disney's new show 'Ishaan'.

'I liked the idea, the script and also the fact that this was not just for singing but Disney offered me a chance to act as well. So I decided to take it up because I have never acted in a show,' Lahiri told IANS.

Lahiri will play a Disco King in the children's show and has lent his voice for an original track titled 'D.I.S.C.O.' for the show. The composer, has shot for two episodes that will be aired February end.

'Before this I have been judging reality shows on TV but that's a different ball game altogether. Acting is different. It was a great experience and I was quite excited doing it,' he added. Lahiri has done a miniscule role in 'Om Shanti Om' and a full-fledged role in 'Main Aur Mrs Khanna'.

This is not it. The 58-year-old, known for his fetish for jewellery, specially gold ornaments and black glasses, will also be seen in a film called 'It's Rocking Dard-e-Disco'.

'The film is complete and will be out by April. I have a good role and it's an out-and-out comedy,' he said.

Directed by Ashok Tyagi and produced by Dhumketu Punatar Films, the film also stars Rituparna Sengupta, Sneha Ullal and Aryaman.

In his almost four decade long career, the composer scored music for hits like 'Chalte chalte mere yeh geet', 'Pyar manga hai tumhi se', 'Ke pag ghungroo baandh meera nachi thi', 'Bombai se aaya mera dost', 'Yaad aa raha hai', 'Raat baaki' and 'Yaar bina chain kahan re' many others. They still find place on music lovers' favourite list.

But today's songs don't have a shelf life, and pointing out the reason Lahiri said: 'Nowadays most movies have old songs, that's a trend because old songs had so much potential in them whether it was singing, melody, composition. Today's songs today don't have that punch.

'Today 'Munni badnam hui' is a big hit, but I have composed a similar song in 'Phool Baney Angarey' called 'Gori kabse hui'. Tune is the same, wordings are different. My song came in 1991. So even 'Munni.' is not a new song in my eyes. So what people are primarily doing is tweaking old songs to make new hit numbers.

Among the current lot, his favourites are A.R. Rahman and composer duo Vishal-Shekhar.

'A.R. Rahman is a genius. Even though his style is not very Indian but he has a different style. Even though he doesn't compose 'Munni badnaam hui', but he has a distinct style. I have always liked him. Even Vishal-Shekhar are very talented composers,' said Lahiri, who is getting back to composing as well.

This year three of his films are set to hit theatres.

'I'm composing music for 'Its Rocking Dard-e-Disco. Then there is one K. C. Bokadia film titled 'Ek Haseena, Ek Deewani'. Then there is another film where Mithun and his son Minoh will be acting together for the first time. The film is tentatively titled 'Spaghetti',' said Lahiri.

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