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Balraj Syal on his Khatron ke Khiladi Journey: It’s a very special show for me!

Balraj Syal who was recently seen in Khatron ke Khiladi season 10 opens up on his journey, reason for missing the finale, his mindset while entering as a wildcard after getting eliminated, upcoming song and much more.

Published: Friday,Jul 24, 2020 11:49 AM GMT-06:00
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Balraj Syal

Balraj Syal who was recently seen in Khatron ke Khiladi season 10 got into a conversation with us at india Forums where he opens up on his journey, reason for missing the finale, his mindset while entering as a wildcard after getting eliminated, upcoming song and much more. 

Talking about his journey in Khatron ke Khiladi, he shared, "I think of all the shows that I’ve done in my career, it’s one of the most memorable one where I have invested so much both physically and emotionally. I’ve shared a small clip on my Instagram account made by Colors, where I also mentioned that only I’m aware of how much I’ve invested emotionally in the show."

 He further added, "I’ve also suffered third degree burns on my left thigh and I continued the show till the finale with that injury. I was also attacked by honeybees and then I was taken in an ambulance. So all these things happened back to back for me. Somewhere I started feeling that what happened, where have I come and why it is happening to me. But despite all that, I reached the finale and performed the stunts. So somewhere emotionally, it was a very tough show for me. In the first three weeks, I got the tag of one of the weakest contestants and to get out of there and reach the finale, that is very emotionally investing for me. It’s a very special show for me."

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Balraj Syal

We asked him what was his mindset when he entered the show as a wildcard after getting eliminated. He shared, "I think that was a wake up call for me because I got eliminated by a difference of just one second. After I returned, I got to perform one of the toughest stunts of the season. It didn’t look like I’ll be able to perform that but somehow I felt that no, I have to do it. After winning that stunt, I felt like yes, I can do it and I’m back. After that I put in all my efforts because not everybody get two chances. I’m lucky that they got me as a wildcard otherwise my journey would have ended in just 3 weeks."

Talking about which other season of the reality show he would have liked to be a part of, he said, "I personally wanted to do the one which happened in Argentina. I had also signed the contract of the season, everything was finalized but at the last moment, the season got pushed by 1-2 months, because Rohit sir was shooting for Simba at that time. So, the dates got pushed and in between my Comedy Circus started. I had to miss it then. The season had Bharti, Haarsh, Aditya, Vikas, Aly amongst others and I think I had worked with almost 90% of the people previously as well. The team was such that I felt that I should have been a part of that season. Otherwise, Season 10 has given me the best memory."

He also revealed the reason behind missing the finale of the show and said, "I came to Punjab from Mumbai and last month, my chachiji passed away. Because of that it was not possible for me to spend the 14 days quarantine period in Mumbai before the shoot because there are many rituals. During that time, to miss all of that and go for the show’s shooting was not possible. I spoke to the channel and the creatives. Being a public figure if you yourself don’t follow the guidelines then what message would you convey to the audience? I missed the finale a lot."

Balraj also produced a song recently during the lockdown, talking about it, he mentioned, "During the lockdown, I used to see people painting, drawing, working out at home. However, in the evening when they used to come live for interviews and were asked how’s the life in the lockdown, they used to say that it’s been hell. So I used to feel that if you’re able to paint at your home that means you have resources at your disposal. People who are away and want to reach their homes, people who are looking for food, there is a huge difference between their tough times and our tough time. So I felt that somewhere, people are unknowingly missing the quality of gratitude inside them. So I talked to my composer friend, Kunaal and I told him that lets create something on the lines of gratitude. So we made the song Shukar Kar."

He furthe adds, "Moving further with this, the preparation for the second song is also almost done. Hopefully, in the next around 10 days, the second song will also be released. We are not into the commercial song that we want to make money, make videos. We’ll just make great content, only create songs which we like to hear. We cannot make people hear songs which we ourselves don’t like."

Watch the entire interview below: 

Balraj Syal

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