Balaji Telefilms' offers Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna

After changing the face of Indian television with their "K soaps", STAR Plus and Balaji Telefilms are set to reinvent the art of story telling with their latest offering "Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna"

After changing the face of Indian television with their “K soaps”, STAR Plus and Balaji Telefilms are set to reinvent the art of story telling with their latest offering “Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna”.

A story of innocent love blossoming in warring families, Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna promises to enthrall the viewers with a bouquet of emotions ranging from love to hate, romance to pain and friendship to hostility.

Making their television debut with the show are newcomers Kunal Verma and Pooja Bose essaying the lead characters of Yugandhar and Vrinda, while television veterans Uday Tikekar and Chetan Pundit mesmerize with their power packed performances as Balwant and Vikramaditya.

Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna is a story of two childhood friends with diverse backgrounds – one a zamindar and the other a mere farmer. Their friendship was one that the entire village vouched for but this friendship was not to last forever! Due to circumstantial misunderstandings the two friends part ways and the love between them turns into enmity.

The lead protagonists of the show Yugandhar and Vrinda are the grandchildren of these two friends and are completely oblivious of the tensions between their families. In the backdrop of the ensuing enmity, love blooms in the hearts of Yugandhar and Vrinda. 

Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna will put to test the love of Yugandar and Vrinda in trying times. What remains to be seen is that will their love cross borders and make a new beginning?

To experience the intense drama, tension, love and romance tune into Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna, November 3, Monday-Thursday, 10 pm only on STAR Plus.

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Uday Tikekar

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i am upset over one thing ...we were told that becoz of this new serial harshu will die as prem in kdmhmd we all waited to watch this...i don''t believe this what balaji is doing ...tell us the truth where is our harshu??????either bring him back or in some other show...don''t know what is happening

15 years ago

Not anothing childhood friends story who fall in love & than the girl will marry some1 else & so will the guy than new couples will be shown.. cant bear these stories anymore

15 years ago

the names are kind of weirdd and no k wowww i''ll see the first few epi. and if i lyk it i mite watch it but it come on at the same time as mile jab hum tum soo im not qonna watch this show

15 years ago

We would have to wait 5-7years for the end of this serial :-(

15 years ago

storyline also reminds me...qayamat se qayamat tak!!

15 years ago

again same drama of rich and poor loving ,,,,the parents of these will never agree....then the two will die or leave the house....or again the drama of killing male lead, marrying the actress two -three times, platic surgery,,,,these are routine things used in the ekta''s shows....god pls save the people who watch the i am not going to watch the serail no ways.....Male Lead is not good looking...
Harshad-additi forever

15 years ago

Ur right yipee! Yeh Saudagar ki story hai. Dilip Kumar was the farmer, Raaj Kumar the zamindar, Vivek Mushran and Manisha Koirala in her debut film were the grandchildren. And ILU ILU song was the biggest hit that year. Lolz.
Cant Ekta do anything original? She should fire all her Creative team starting with Nivedita.
The girl is pretty, but boy looks totally ordinary.

15 years ago

oh well what can i say boring and predictable...village girl and boy falling in love...families deny relation...and still get married and same stroy...yawn get a life...the only differernce is serial not starting with K both the leads look like from village..

15 years ago

this is wut ekta is good for isnt she??? getting her creativity or ideas .....more or less she bases it on movies!!!!
Well i guess i shudn''t complain too much as long as Harshad Chopra is not gonna be in this serial...the girl looks ok!!!! Harshad Chopra & Additi Gupta 4ever!!!!!

15 years ago

the show has same old mightt be good for first few episodes but after that...all toucher and misunderstandings. ..i''ll beter try to avoid watching ....

15 years ago

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