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Bala Review: There’s nothing better than watching Bala for your ‘bad hair day’!

The film might be one of the best films Ayushmann has to offer. The light-hearted comedy-drama is a must watch as the actors have nailed the film in each and every aspect…


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Amar Kaushik directorial Bala talks about the social misconception about beauty and the complexes of an individual being observed through the spectrum of societal standards. The film narrates the story of Bala (Ayushmann Khurrana) who suffers from premature balding. 

Somehow, the common notion of complexes and insecurities is always defined by societal standards even today. But amalgamating the issues of premature balding and the differences in which beauty is defined, the markers of Bala must definitely receive applause; not because they talked about breaking social stereotypes but because they managed to talk about these issues as the film will lightening up a smile on the audiences’ face. 

Even Krishna taught Kubja the acceptance of beauty. 

But, as always ‘any content being ambiguous in nature’ the idea of this tale has always evolved which is being passed onto us for generations. The film is heavily symbolic and has a rather light-hearted approach to teach the audience. 

As we transpire to the depth of this story, we tend to understand Bala’s character who is readily traumatized by his balding, however, his orthodox and poor mentality are the evils of the complications circumcised with various factors under the fostering of his character. Similarly, bhumi and Yami’s characters are repeatedly hammered by self conflicts that have always contradicted the whole process of understanding ‘beauty’. While Latika has already accepted her fate, Pari is still under the consistently influenced by attention and showing off. 

The Ayushmann Khurrana starrer is an agent of excellence considering the quintessential aspects of music and its lyrics adding into the layers of references from the 80s, and 90s Bollywood films. Music is a catalyst to bring forth the project with much elegance and grace, the addition of creative tones constantly surprise you giggles offering the idea of the upheaval of Bala’s life. 

Don't ever let your complexes hold you back.

At times the sequences seem to be pretty obvious and predictable; perhaps you might as well abruptly intervene Ayushmann’s dialogues. Although, despite the minor glitches in scripting you would easily end-up laughing off your seat. The Article 15 actor aces at applying mildly humored yet intellectual dialogues that need to be applied effectively in this case at the right timing to make the sequence funnier.

Bala has mainly focused on ‘performances’ and considering this as the USP of the film, every actor has raised the bar for himself. For example, Abhishek Banerjee is one of the few actors who possess the art of expressing himself without even uttering a word. The actor manages to alter his expressions within quick seconds. Apart from that, supporting actors have done a wonderful job exhibiting their characters in the best possible way.

Some might claim Yami does not do justice to her character. Although, she might seem to go overboard with her actions but, what's surprising is that Yami’s performance was according to the need of her character and its good to see her collaborate with Ayushmann after 7 years. 

And lastly, Ayushamann and Bhumi are Amar Kaushik’s trump cards! While there might have been a plethora of controversy clinging them but its all worth after you grab seat for a show of Bala for yourself. 

In conclusion, Bala is a total package of sensible entertainment which hardly gives you any time to recover from its last joke! Make sure you don’t miss this film it will definitely brighten your weekend. 

(Ratings: 4/5)

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