Background music says it all in Hans Baliye..

Star One's new show has brought in laughter mixed with various background music to enhance the comedy quotient of the show!!


Musical notes mixing with laughter riot is what you can witness in Star One's new show, Hans Baliye!! And the credit to this goes to the musician Surinder who set the tune ringing!!

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Catching up with the signature dialogue of Maalti aka Ashita Dhawan in Bidaai, the show has introduced the famous dialogue 'Jhoot toh main bolti nahi' playing in the background every time the duo takes to the stage. "It was the idea of our musician and he wanted to play something in the background during our entry. When he asked me about a particular music they could put, I narrated an incident which happened in our colony that the kids in my colony made me say the dialogue in different ways and recorded the same. Going by the popularity of the dialogue, our musician decided to put that as our signature background", quips Ashita.

Adding more, she says, "People recognize me today because of this character of Maalti Bhabhi. The background music enhances the popularity of the character and it is easier for the audience to relate to me".

In addition to them, Rajesh Kumar and his wife Madhvi also have a signature music playing when they take to the stage. "We have the laughter of our little baby as our background music. This was again the idea of our musician Surinder".

Well, all this and much more surely adds to the laughter quotient of the show!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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