Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si actress Sheeba Akashdeep talks about the show going off air

Sheeba Akashdeep, who is better known as Pammi Sood from Rajan Shahi’s show Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si, shares her experience on working in the show.

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Sheeba Akashdeep
Sheeba Akashdeep aka Pammi Sood from Rajan Shahi’s show Baatein Kuch Ankhaee Si. Image Courrtesy: St

Sheeba Akashdeep, who is better known as Pammi Sood from Rajan Shahi’s show Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si, shares her experience on working in the show. The show is slated to go off air on March 11, and the entire cast crew is very upset about this. Sharing her take on the final verdict, Sheeba says,”It’s an extremely heartbreaking process for the entire cast and crew. Not feeling nice about it. It’s probably the first time in my career that something is getting over, and it’s leaving a vacuum in my heart. It is going to take a while to get over this. I am not going to say it’s an unfair decision, I think it’s just the way things are. You win some and you lose some but I definitely gained a lot out of this show. I gained a lifetime of friends, a lifetime of experience and a friend in my producer Rajan Shahi. I have not seen this kind of producer in my whole career. 

He's one of a kind. "Sharing further her learning curve from the show, Sheeba says, "Pammi Bua taught me a lot. She channelled the inner comedian in me. I have managed to take a negative role and turn it into a comical villain. Most importantly, I went all out and enjoyed the entire experience. I genuinely became Pammi Bua while playing the role. This experience is going to be a major highlight in my career.”

Pammi had some great dramatic scenes in the show. Sheeba shares which one is the toughest one. She adds,”I think the scenes where Bobby gets married to Mrunal and that took a toll on me for a few days. My entire face and eyes were swollen because I was genuinely crying in those scenes, and I don’t use glycerin as an actor. It's just something l have never done. Emotional scenes are  very hard to perform but very satisfying as an actor.”

The bonding between the cast of Baatein is very organic and genuine, and that shows in their camaraderie off-camera as well. Sheeba, who has always been a warm person, says,”The cast became family, and the set became home. I think when we met and started working together within the first month, we all realised that we had the same wavelength and found friends for life in each other. We all love each other and there was not one negative person on the set, not one negative incident happened, and that's a lot to say about an ensemble cast of 20 and set strength of 100. So there are times when you don't like someone, but in this particular set, genuinely, that didn't happen. That's just good to be true in real life.”

Sheeba, who is an animal lover, has this very special ritual every day in Film City. She feeds the stray dogs and monkeys in and around her set. She does this passionately and religiously without a break. So obviously, she is feeling extremely sad as after the end of her shooting for Baatein, she will be missing that badly. “I can't tell you what I'm feeling about the animals. Looking at the dogs and the monkeys, I'm like, oh no !I feel so helpless, and I feel so terrible about them because they won't understand where everybody else disappeared and what happened to their good, cushioned life. I'm going to miss them terribly, but I'm putting it out there to the universe that I will come back to Filmcity really soon so they don't have to miss me long.” Sheeba also shares a beautiful message for Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si fans, she adds,”I want to say thank you for following us and being such a great audience. Thank you for loving Pammi Bua and for the lovely response you all gave me even though I played a negative role.

You all loved me in it, and that was my greatest gift as a performer. I just love the way everybody connected to the characters and the story. We have a worldwide audience who are connected with us. In fact I got so many messages today saying , even if the show goes off air, we are always going to be sticking with all the actors of Baatein because now you all are a family and that is so amazing.”

Sheeba has a lot to come in this year, she has a film with Sonu Sood titled Fateh, and then she will be in Vasan Bala’s Jigra along with Alia Bhatt.

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