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Ayesha Singh on 'Boycott GHKPM' trending: It means the writers have succeeded in getting emotions & reactions

Ayesha Singh spoke about the fans being displeased about the ongoing track as #BoycottGHKPM trended online. Here's what she said.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar Meiin has been doing great with the fans as they have been loving the track, the actors, and everything that they are seeing on-screen. However, has it turns out, the fans are mighty displeased at the recent track where they see Kaku (Kishori Shahane) asking Virat (Neil Bhatt) to have food with Pakhi (Aishwarya Sharma). 

It so happens that the fans are angry at how the track has been progressing, trying to break away from the track of SaiRat and force them into believing another love angle online. This, only lead to 'Boycott GHKPM' trend on Twitter earlier in the day today. 

Talking about the same to The Times of India, Ayesha said, "These things don't affect me because they are just showcasing their emotions. Writers are very smart and they know how to create interesting storylines. They are just doing their job and if people are reacting so strongly, it means the writers have succeeded in getting emotions and reactions from people. I am sure when the story will take another twist, people will get back to liking it."

Well, this might or might not calm the fans, however, they can definitely look forward to the upcoming twist in the show.

Ayesha Singh Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 

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Faraz300000 1 months ago I didnt thought i'd say this..but Even Twilight movies stories are far far better and more realistic than this..
And if these people really think that fans will watch whatever crap they show..then they are in for a big shock...
You know what Yeh hai Mohabbatein show did? They made their lead character Ishita a criminal ( murdering several people, Going to prison several times, escaping Death sentence, escaping prison and even mercilessly murduring her son..
Then what? Fans completely stopped watching and its trp went down to the point that they were forced to pull off the plug..
I know these tv serials show u impractical and nonsense things all of the time and we still watch it but sometimes their nonsense becomes impossible to deal with as a result we stop watching their crap show as our human brains can handle only so much u know..
GHKPM is slowly moving towards that direction..
And i'm already feeling like i can skip a few episodes and do my own thing
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bubbly12 1 months ago They made Ayesha scapegoat once again to cover their mistakes. Why don't CVs or PH come up with this statement.
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Paytonlee101 1 months ago Expected better response from a young generation girl. Cvs are not smart they are disgusting
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NidhaA 1 months ago The show was regressive from the start . The main family is so deeply misogynistic and problematic, I don’t know how the show is still allowed to run.
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linakusharberry 1 months ago lol well scripted one by the PH since they want to safe their fav and Promote EMA acha message derahi hai society ko devar bhabhi ki beech extra marital affair chalna chahiyeh wah kya gatiya soch hai makers ki
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ReemShah 1 months ago Show should evolve themselves out from their triangle love and start measuring some other angle
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ReemShah 1 months ago All the burden of her family is on Sai not Pakhi--is pakhi not part of Chauhan family that she got no responsibilities
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ALUJNA21 1 months ago It is turning MONOTONOUS as the story IS NOT MOVING only to show Pakhi and Virat...SATURATED with Pakhi...
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silvermoonlight 1 months ago The show is disturbing on many levels. I don't get how.this young actress deals with all the abuse her character gets. What's worse is Kaku, pushing Virat & Pakhi closer to each other. She WANTS them together & is.full of shit. Her own EMA with Ninu can continue this way. The incestuous nature of the show is sickening. I'm SICK of Ashwini sulking and pouting and crying every episode. I hate her more than Kaku as of late. Even Sai is losing respect and dignity by associating with the Insane Clown Posse
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shumnarashyd 1 months ago It is starting to get ludicrous. Regressive content glorifying emotional abuse! definitely rousing emotions to the extent viewers will decide to stop watching this! I was a fan. Now can barely tolerate 3 minutes of the show!
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