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Avneet Kaur Talks About Utilising her Time in Quarantine, Sidneet, Journey in Acting & More!

Avneet Kaur in a fun chat with us spoke to us about how she is utilising her time while being self quarantined, her journey in acting, Sidneet and much more...


Actress Avneet Kaur who is currently seen in Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga got in touch with us where she spoke to us about how she is spending her time, her journey in acting, Siddharth Nigam and much more...

Avneet talked to us about how she is spending her time amid the Quarantine and said, “I am doing a lot of things, baking is a part of that. I made a mug cake and that went well.” She also revealed that , “I am so used to waking up early and going to shoot but I am mostly a night person, I love being awake at night.”

She also mentioned that she is enjoying her time at home and said, “Alot of people don’t know this but I love being at home. If I am not at the Aladdin shoot then I am somewhere else, for a music video or something and this is the first time that I am at home for such a long time.” She spoke about her Journey in acting and said“I was first a dancer and I then came into acting. That transition went really well for me, I love every bit of acting. I was 10 when I did my first serial, Meri Maa”. Avneet has also been spending her time watching series, reading and writing, Avneet shared, “I am thinking of starting my poetry page and I would love to be better at it and in future release a book”

When asked her about choosing between Chandra Nandini and Aladdin, Avneet stated that, “I would say I like Aladdin more because we got more time in it, we got to discover the characters more, although in Chandra Nandini my track went for just 2 months, so I would go for Aladdin.”

Talking about Sidneet, Avneet said, “Sidneet is something that people really love so that’s gonna be there for a really really long time. Wherever we go people really love us and that’s great for us.”

Even during the lockdown many people still step out of their house for no reason, talking about the issue, Avneet said, “Yes, this is a big problem that we are facing right now. People are literally not following orders, they have seen things, they have been through it, they can watch it on the news but they are not ready to listen to it. That kind of pisses me off sometimes because people are smart enough to follow the orders because it’s for them. The government is saying that we should follow the order and not spread it any further, so people are not listening to that which is very sad.”

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Avneet Kaur

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SamW92 1 months ago Avneet is a way better actor than the male lead of Aladdin. Her acting prowess is a huge reason for the success of Aladdin. On her own, she can go places. As her fan, looking forward to watching some solo projects of her i.e. music videos/web series/films/short films.
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