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Avneet Kaur: I really wanted to create some content for the people who really love me!

We at India Forums got into a fun conversation with Avneet Kaur who spoke to us about spending time and keeping up in the lockdown, quitting Aladdin, equation with Siddharth and much more.

Published: Monday,Aug 10, 2020 10:39 AM GMT-06:00
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Avneet Kaur

Avneet Kaur who had recently quit her role in SAB TV show Aladdin - Naam Toh Suna Hoga owing to health reasons in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, is still entertaining her fans with her content. The Actress has been providing quality content to her fans and has been quite active on her social media as well her Youtube channel. 

We at India Forums got in touch with Avneet where we spoke to her about spending time and keeping up in the lockdown, quitting Aladdin, equation with Siddharth and much more. 

We asked Avneet how is she able to keep up with creating content, staying focused, being on camera and other things in the lockdown. To this, she shared, "I think I get pretty distracted, I got pretty distracted because of all these things and I really wanted to create some content for the people who really love me. But at the same time, I really wanted to discover myself because I've got this time right now which I really don't want to miss. I know for a fact that after this lockdown gets over and we get back to our lives, there's no way or an option that I'll get this time back. So I was like I have to discover myself, see what I like, discover new activities & experiences plus I have to create content as well so that people keep seeing & watching me and they get very happy for that. So yes, that has been a pretty great task lately and I'm enjoying most of it actually. I've started writing quotes, I've started my own page, I've started getting into drawing and art and discovered many new things, so I'm really happy."

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Avneet Kaur

Talking about quitting Aladdin and how difficult was it to come to that decision, she shared, "It was definitely not an individual decision, my parents were involved in it. All the decisions that I take in my life, my parents are always being a part of it. We had been thinking for a while when there was lockdown and as people know that I got really really sick because of dengue. It hit me really bad, I was in the hospital for a week which really doesn't happen because it hit my immunity system a lot. After that I got super weak and I was trying to regain my strength and I was trying to regain myself and we just thought that it wasn't a good step to go out and shoot everyday on a regular basis, for me specially. We had to come to this decision eventually that I couldn't continue it because it was a great risk for my health as well. It was very difficult, I was thinking about it the whole time."

There were also a lot of speculations regarding problems in her friendship with Siddharth Nigam amongst the fans. Speaking about breaking the news of her quitting the show to him, she shared,  "As people know that Siddharth and I are like best friends and we've been shooting for years now. Yes, I had to tell him obviously and he was pretty devastated, he was like okay. Because nobody saw that coming and not even me. This decision came up in our minds after this lockdown."

Avneet further adder, "I've been seeing a lot of comments of people as well. They are thinking somewhere that there is some problem between us, it's nothing like that. We were not posting a lot on social media since a while because I had been shooting, I was flying all the time here and there and he was shooting for his own stuff and that's why we were not able to meet on set also so often. I used to get really less time on set as well because I had my exams, I just gave my 12th exams. But it's nothing like that, our equation is still superb, I still meet him and we still hangout. I hope that there is a bigger project and better things that are coming and I would love to be a part of it with him."

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Avneet Kaur

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