Ashmit now sees love in Veena's presence..

Ashmit can now be branded as the hottest guy in the Bigg Boss house, as he has yet again shifted loyalty, this time towards Veena...

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If you are tired of watching the so-called rigged love story of Sara Khan and Ashmit Patel in COLORS' Bigg Boss, then watch tonight's episode for a change!!

Well, are you wondering what Ashmit's next move will be? Well, check out the pictures, as they do all the speaking!!

Our source reveals, "In tonight's episode, the ladies in the house are given the task of lighting diyas. Also, the inmates have their task cut out as they have to monitor the diyas and see to it that they remain lighted from sunset to sunrise. So all of them decide to guard the diyas by turn".

It so happened that Sara and Ashmit volunteered to guard the diyas at night. After their turn, it was Sara and Veena who took up the responsibility. But the ultimate action near the garden area took place when Ashmit and Veena shared the honour.

Our source further says, "Ever since Dolly Bindra entered the house and had a talk with Ashmit about his image getting a beating in public for his closeness with Sara, Ashmit has probably had a change of mind. He is now trying his luck with Veena, and even got an opportunity to share some close moments with her. Veena and Ashmit were seen in the garden area enjoying some cosy moments when everyone else were fast asleep. This incident happened early in the morning at about 5. The task simply looked secondary as they never bothered to take their eyes off each other".

Surely, Ashmit seems to be having a great time inside the house with one, err two oops, three timing Sara, Aanchal and Veena!! But we wonder how Sara would react if she is shown these pictures?

As for us, we are extremely shocked!!

Catch Ashmit and Veena's love scene tonight on COLORS' Bigg Boss!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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rasharma 10 years ago Ashmit patel and veena malik both are cute.Both having good understanding and love to each other.both adding the beauty of the show.we should not think negative about there role,and it is my view.
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best_punz 10 years ago this show shud b pulled off soon !! what the hell keeps happening on this show!
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sweet @s candy
sweet @s candy 10 years ago lol this is just an act for the camera dont believe its true
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mehreen. 10 years ago veena is so shameless, even when she knows she on camera she's doing such vulgur stuff *thumbs down*
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tatty 10 years ago At least there's some spice now in Big Boss :-) It was getting rather boring actually........
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PearlyPal 10 years ago Shame on 'VEENA MALIK'...........i hate her.....!!!!!!yeh muslim hai or apnay country ka nam kharab kar rahe hai.....!!!!!!
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ammyridz600 10 years ago for a change pops is dating moms veena..................lol awwww poor sara
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Ashu-n-Sush 10 years ago Ashmit a big AH...need a publicity thats all
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abd_20 10 years ago well itna jaldi how can some one change wow man this is sure a place where people change colours in no time...
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faria86 10 years ago ohh come on its was bcoz of TRP as well they all want to b in big boss house till d end thats y they r doing dis masala mania so dat ppl do vote for them lolzZ they think dat they can trap ppl hehehe yeh public hai sub jante hai & who thinks that sara is stupid and ashmit is a player let me tell u guys she is a player herself.........she is going dis all to be in big boss house

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