Ashita Dhawan celebrates her beau's birthday..

Ashita Dhawan who plays Maalti in Bidaai is on Cloud Nine today, as it is her boy friend Shailesh Gulabani's birthday...

Ashita 'Maalti' Dhawan is on Cloud Nine today, as she is celebrating the birthday of her beau, Shailesh Gulabani.

Ashita who is the happy-go-lucky girl did give her boy friend a surprise last night. "We love to party; so I surprised him last night by going to his place with few of my friends. We went to China House and partied till the wee hours of the night. Today evening, we will again have gala time together. It is my day today, and I ought to enjoy. We will be going to our favorite place, Hard Rock Caf", quips the delighted Ashita.

So what did Ashita gift her beau on this special day? "I presented him a Home theater and he was very happy with it", states the talented actress.

Ashita is known to be a creative person, and always takes people by surprise. When asked her about the various things that she has done for Shailesh, she says, "I have given him many things which are creative in itself. If you ask Shailesh, he will just go on and on with the list. But for me, the most beautiful gift I have ever given him is the collage of pictures that I made which included many moments of his life, the cutest being his granny holding him in her hand when he was a new-born. I have also gifted him a calendar in 2007 with all our pictures".

Well, we wish the duo all happiness on their special day!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Ms.Good Morning...........
Happy B-Day......

15 years ago

wish shailesh happy birthday

and all the best to both of them for thier future

15 years ago

Today is also my B-Day....
Awww.........too sweet....wonder what he will do for her special day........

15 years ago

thnx..his bf looks like abhay deol in this picture..

15 years ago

So cute, I like Ashita, she is a wonderful actress........

15 years ago

Wow din''t know ashita was so creative.

15 years ago

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