Ashish Sharma's niche film, 'Khejdi' achieves BIG in Germany

And the actor couldn't be more proud...

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For a while now, we have been talking about actor Ashish Sharma and his film, Khejdi, where the actor plays the role of a transgender. This film is even produced by him and was slated to attend major film festivals.

The same began with the film screening n Germany at Homochrom Queer Film Festival, and the actor and wife, Archana Taide were obviously excited. And guess what? Khejdi has gone on to become the 2nd most popular film as voted by the audience there.

Yes! That's right. An ecstatic Ashish posted about it-
We wish Ashish, Archana and the whole team of Khejdi loads of congratulations!

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Archana Taide

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Ashish Sharma

Comments (123)

Ashish Sharma missing you a lot...
Desperate to see you back on screen again...
Please come back soon

5 years ago

Great news Ashish Sharma &Archana Khejdi at Dhaka Film Festival in Bangladesh ...

5 years ago

Proud of u Ashish Sharma ... Wishing you many more success, Loads of love..

5 years ago

Love you so much Ashish Sharma
Can't wait for to see on screen soon ..

5 years ago

Ashish Sharma & Archana Taide Happy Diwali

5 years ago

Awesome as always Ashish Sharma in Khejdi
Waiting to see in India soon

5 years ago

Congrats Ashish Sharma Khejdi in Germany
Ashish Sharma very eager to know about your next show...

5 years ago

You are awesome AshishSharma. Eagerly waiting to see Khejdi.

5 years ago

You are just awesome Ashish Sharma, Eagerly looking forward to ur next**************************

5 years ago

AshishSharma deserves all the success for his proud of him for his choice of work. Kudos to you

5 years ago

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