Ashish Sharma's AMBITIOUS project to now open in Germany

It continues to get better...


The versatility that actor Ashish Sharma has displayed all this time being on Indian television, is truly commendable. In a time where Indian TV is usually disregarded for being stereotypical, Ashish has stood out differently.

And he added another feather to his cap when recently, his film Khejdi was presented. The film has already done rounds of several film festivals and continues to make a mark wherever it goes. Ashish plays a transgender in the film and like always, he excels.

To make things better for the film, the presentation will now be opening at the prestigious Filmfest Homochrom in Cologne, Germany on 16th October 2018. And talking about the fans, they are in for a treat too, as Ashish will be present in Germany for the same-

Are you excited about it? Leave in your comments below...
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Ashish Sharma

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Haridas 2018-12-15T23:32:03Z Ashish Sharma we want to see you back on screen very badly...
Please come back soon
Sanai_oda 2018-10-20T13:54:32Z Ashish Sharma Wish you all the best our hero You deserve the love from the world2018-10-20 13:55:22
SanjeedaRahim 2018-10-17T07:44:51Z Excited very very to see Ashish Sharma Khejdi
You are a wonderful actor waiting for the show on the screen Ashish Sharma********************
Doha_hussein 2018-10-17T01:10:50Z Ashish Sharma very happy to see yesterday Khejdi in Germany
yavika 2018-10-15T09:11:37Z AshishSharma, may khejdi get lots of success in Cologne ... wishing you all the best
Sona11112 2018-10-14T00:48:44Z 2DaysToGo khejdi Ashish Sharma in Germany KhejdiAthomochrom Heart
yavika 2018-10-13T02:12:47Z Wishing all the best to AshishSharma for khejdi...waiting for its release in India
Haridas 2018-10-13T01:09:35Z Ashish Sharma though we have not seen the film yet that picture of you and the mannerism in it shows how powerful and dedicated you are to the character...
Can't wait to see the film...
Wishing all success in Germany
nwras3 2018-10-12T12:00:23Z I Love Ashish Sharma you are a wonderful actor
Doha_hussein 2018-10-12T11:34:14Z Excited very very to see Ashish Sharma Khejdi
You are a wonderful actor waiting for the show on the screen Ashish Sharma
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