Ashish Chowdhry: Beyhadh 2 is Jennifer’s show!

In an exclusive Interview, Ashish Chowdhry spoke to us about Beyhadh 2, how he immediately said yes to the show and the his performance...

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Ashish Chowdhry
Ashish Chowdhry

After the much loved season 1 of Sony TV's popular show, Beyhadh, the makers are back with the second installment. Beyhadh 2 which stars Jennifer Winget, Shivin Narang and Ashish Chowdhry in lead roles will premiere on 2nd December. 

Speaking about the show, Ashish Chowdhry in an exclusive interview revealed that he needed just 60 seconds to say yes to the show. 

"When they called me to narrate the show, I said I want to hear it. It took me exactly one minute after Prateek who’s a wonderful producer because he has creatively involved himself. He involves himself with the entire narration and he asked me, will you do it? I said give me one minute and I meant one minute. In 60 seconds, I just looked up, I turned down and I said yes I’m doing this. So that’s how sure I was because all I thought was of positives." 

"There was just plus points of doing it. I like get ups and I feel that I want to get beyond what I did in Dev and do a character which will be remembered. See I prefer doing characters, people have asked me ten times you know it’s Jennifer’s show. I said yes it is, I am there for her. I am totally there for Jennifer, I want this show to do well for her, I want her to do a third season, I will not be there. I am here to do a character which will take me beyond Dev, which will be remembered. A get up always helps, it always sharply puts you in a character and if you do it right which I have to work on, it just brings you the completion and if you perform it well, you are done," Ashish Added. 

"You know I didn't feel pressure when I was doing Dev 2 which was my show because to be honest we all give our best but there is alot of elements to be involved in the show. It depends on what the creative is, where the story is going, what the channel wants. In Dev 2, they have changed the format from a weekly to a daily, I can’t do anything about it.The audience is the final decision maker. We all have to give our best. I know Dev is remembered as a character, I put quirks in him. 

When I work on a character I want to find out where the character was born, what did the parents do, what is he doing to do to earn his money, how he met his wife or girlfriend, how he fell in love and all the details. That’s how I work on my characters, that’s the maximum I can do."

Watch the entire interview in the video below:


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Comments (3)

Yes it is! It's Jen's show and she's rocking as Maya again!

4 years ago

Jennifer Winget love you ❤️

4 years ago

Exactly Ashish.. at least you know whats up. Poor shivin or whomever that guy is really is under a poor sad misconception

4 years ago

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