Asha Parekh SUPPORTS Rishi Kapoor's anger towards young actors!

Veteran actress Asha Parekh backs Rishi Kapoor's anger towards young actress for not attending Vinod Khanna's funeral.

Veteran beauty Asha Parekh has backed Rishi Kapoor's anger towards young actor for skipping Vinod Khanna's funeral and attending Priyanka Chopra's bash!

At the launch of her biography in Delhi, she was quoted saying, "I am aware of what he (Rishi Kapoor) said, and he is right. They (younger generation) don't give that much importance to such things." (sic)

However, she said that no one from the young actors treated her with disrespect when they met her! She said, "I am not close to anyone from the present crop of actors as such. But whenever they meet me, they do so with a lot of respect." (sic)

While talking about late Vinod Khanna, she said, "He was a wonderful person... a handsome and macho guy. He had a beautiful smile. It was nice working with him. He was such a warm person to be around." (sic)

(Credits: HT)

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with time people's mindset and values has changed

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