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Aryan cooks delicious food for Imlie leaving her emotional in ‘Imlie’

Gear up for an interesting episode of Star Plus show ‘Imlie’.

Published: Tuesday,Apr 26, 2022 05:44 AM GMT-06:00
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Imlie and Aryan

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is gearing up for an interesting track wherein Imlie is trying unite Sundar and Arpita as she has learned about their feelings for each other. Imlie told Aryan that he should let Arpita move on in her life and get married. Aryan is against Arpita’s alliance with Sundar as he feels Sundar wouldn’t be able to fulfil Arpita’s basic necessities. In the previous episodes, Imlie stated that Uday should know how to cook for Arpita and the family organizes a cooking competition.

Imlie meets Uday and recalls his rude behavior with an old woman the other day, Uday claims that the lady was a thief and that’s why he treated her like that. Aryan also participate in the contest and cooks for Imlie. The competition has the male partners listening to the instructions of the other partner and make their favorite dish. Imlie calls Sundar and asks him to prepare the dish listening to Arpita’s instructions. She places the phone nearby. Sundar listens to the instructions and cooks the dish while Uday doesn’t listen to Arpita and doesn’t take her advice.

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Aryan prepares the dish. Amidst the competition, Aryan and Imlie share romantic moments. The dish gets prepared and Imlie tastes it. She gets teary-eyed as the food tastes like her mother’s hand-made food. Aryan asks her to meet Meethi. She remembers Meethi’s words during the wedding. She brushes off the topic. Aryan understands that there’s some issues between Meethi and Imlie.

Narmada tastes Uday’s food and states that it’s very spicy. Imlie tells everyone that Uday didn’t listen to Arpita’s instructions. Sundar tells on the phone that he will get the food at their house. Nila hears it. Nila tells everyone that Imlie is forcibly trying to get Arpita hitched to Aryan.

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MishtyShona 3 months ago Aryan calling Imlie partner, asking her to give proper instructions was nice. How perfectionist he is to ask the exact thickness of roti, kneading it extra to activate gluten, watching carefully the size and shape of the moti rooti.
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MishtyShona 3 months ago I loved the way Imlie made a face when BM challenged her hubby as as she knows Aryan doesn't know how to cook. However Aryan confidently took up challenge and aced it too.
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MishtyShona 3 months ago Finally the most awaited track is here. Hoping to see a jealous and possessive Imlie. If that Ooooo conversation is anything to go by, we are in for a very angsty and nok+jhok filled ride which will result in Imlie realising her feelings for her hubby.
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Sheldon-Cooperr 3 months ago This testing of Arpita's groom is more like showing Imlie what Aryan and She can be if she let herself. ❤❤
As Aryan said," Imlie's chahe toh sab badlega"
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MishtyShona 3 months ago Loved the cooking sequence of Aryan and Imlie. Imlie was openly Tadofying her hubby who was preparing moti roti for Biwi with utmost concentration.
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shidin0117 3 months ago Omg ASR and his cooking, and the way he described it...took the cake, his sexy voice....really Fahmaan is amazing in voice modulation
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BaAZiGar0 3 months ago oooooo i cant wait to see the epi!
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DakZz 3 months ago Aryan is the best written ML of ITV❤️
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ramusk 3 months ago This man can do anything literally anything...
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BlueJayFire 3 months ago Aryan, what is it that you arent good at? I want a moti roti with 22.555 mm thickness..What should I do? Fahmaan & Sumbul, beautiful emotions..Imlie getting lost in looking at her hubby dear..claps..finally..some emotion sickness happening.
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