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Arti Singh says THIS on Krushna Abhishek Denying Her 'Rape Attempt' Statement

After the end of Bigg Boss 13, Arti Singh was asked about her brother Krushna Abhishek denying her statement on someone attempting to rape her. Check out what she said.


Arti Singh, who was praised for maintaining her dignity in the Bigg Boss house, had made a confession about escaping a rape when she was 13-year-old when Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey and acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal came into the house for promotion of their movie Chapaak. Soon after her big confession, her sister-in-law Kashmera Shah had said that she and her husband and comedian Krushna Abhishek were blind-sided by this thing. But later, in an interview with us, Arti’s brother Krushna had denied all the claims and said that no rape was attempted on her. He said, "‘it was about to happen but the man ran away’."

He said "I asked this same question to my aunt because Arti is adopted. She was born and brought up in Lucknow. So there was nothing like that, we filed a case against the guy and he ran away. My mom said that the attempt was never made, it was about to happen but it didn’t." 

After coming out of the house, she was asked about her brother's comments on the same. She told Hindustan Times, “Krushna is my brother. My brother and my mother are upset because I am yet to get married. He did not say it didn’t happen, he said that I said a bit too much inflow. He was of the view that I should have spoken only 3 lines, what was the need for 10 lines. "

She further added, "This is a normal reaction of a brother. Do you know how upset my mother was that why did I talk about it when it was over! I told my mom, ‘we also have a responsibility towards the society, there are many kids who do not find the courage to talk about it’.” 

“For him, it is nothing because I was safe. He will want me to cut it short, he wouldn’t want me to talk about it so much. He wasn’t proving me wrong and said it in a protective streak,” She said adding that he meant well and so did her mother as she is yet not married. 

Arti also spoke about her panic attacks inside the Bigg Boss house "I understood later that it was ok to talk about it but earlier, I wished I could have controlled it. I shouldn’t have shown my weak side. I was myself scarred how people in the house would perceive me after that." 

Arti was asked about the aggression inside the house to which she said that everyone is aggressive and went on to add "I am aggressive but in my own way, I do not cross the line." She also said "I did it because I didn’t want to look weak. I am not weak, these people (Bigg Boss contestants) undermined me by calling me weak."

She spoke about her game claiming that she just wanted to be real. "I have played it from my heart till the end."

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