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Armaan's mother said 'No' to enter the Bigg Boss house?

We got to know that Armaan Kohli’s mom was approached to enter the Bigg Boss house during the freeze task which happened today, but she refused the offer.

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Entertainment, Entertainment and only Entertainment! This  statement fits the popular reality show Bigg Boss Saath 7 that airs on Colors. Everyday viewers get to see something new happening in the house and also among the contestants too, a friend becomes foe and next moment is a friend again. There are lots of fights and drama too. However the show has become an addiction for the regular viewers of  this show, as it is grabbing the eyeballs of the viewers through its concept.

Similar to the last season of the reality show which had a freeze task where the loved ones of the contestants entered the house to meet them over a freeze task, today something similar happened in the show. Yesterday we had reported about the new entries namely Nigaar Khan, Payal Rohatgi, Dolly Bindra, Yogendra Dutt, Andy's mother and Kamya's mother who were to enter the house during the freeze task to meet their most loved contestants and share some time with them.

But well as we see that nobody from Armaan Kohli, Tanisha Mukherjee, Kushal Tandon, Ajaz Khan and Sofia Hyatt's house came to meet them. Out of these contestants we have seen in the previous episodes of the show that Armaan Kohli has a special bonding with his parents and more so with his mother. He seems to be a typical Mumma's boy if we listen to the very many times he has spoken about his mom, Nishi Kohli. 

It was thus expected that she too might make an appearance on the show to meet Armaan in the freeze task. However, as per our reliable source Armaan Kohli's mother Nishi Kohli denied the offer of getting into the Bigg Boss house for the freeze task and meeting his dear son, "Nishi Kohli was approached to enter the Bigg Boss house in the freeze task but she simply refused the offer. She wanted to stay away from the Bigg Boss House."

While everyone got to meet some or the other person from their family or friend Armaan was missing his mother the most, "During the task Armaan was seen missing his mother the most. He even expressed his desire that he wanted to see his mom and wished that his mother too would come to meet him today during the freeze task. But well all his wishes were in vain as his mother did not turn up for the task."

Well definitely it is one's personal choice to enter the show or not, but we wonder since it was just a matter of few minutes she should have gone and met her son.

We had recently seen in one of the episode of the show that when Kushal Tandon re-entered the Bigg Boss house, Nishi Kohli had sent a message through Kushal to pass it on to Armaan. When Kushal gave the message that his mother sent for him, he became too emotional and started missing his mother even more.

Don't worry Armaan, it is just the matter of one more month in the house and then you can be with your mom again!

Krishma Solanki

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DaddyMarvel 7 years ago Obviously she won't enter the house. What mother would appreciate seeing her upbringing go down the gutter? Given his behavior, it's obvious that his mother is ashamed of him and would want to keep away from the drama.
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kksoap 7 years ago i must say bb ur choic of contestant are so bad this season andy gay sangram dog aejaz gunda giri mei maahir tanisha indian girl omg noo she iz bitch arman respect kya hai pta hi ni usko sofia dirty girl and salman khan bloody every week kisi aek naame pr show krta hai lst 2 season tu aese ni thy kushal superstar lagta hai ths season gauhar trp what d hel task tooo bad no limits value allz r chawal in shrt wrdz.2013-11-27 23:41:53
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NeemTree 7 years ago awww sad to hear that..
hope armaan will meet her mother
but it is unfair
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Nabi4u 7 years ago Awww i dont lyk him at all but felt bad tht every1 is meeting der family members but his or tanisha's both of em r unlucky der
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sanuchopra 7 years ago If kushal said something wrong den i m 100% sure she will came d defend herself. Now she is nt coming dat means what kushal said about andy all r truth
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gwynn24 7 years ago She should have come and given him one rap on the face for screaming at everybody like an immature hooligan and having no value for the word' sorry'.n tanuja should have come and slapped tanisha for acting like a doormat.
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TonsOfWishes 7 years ago i m sorry but even with all this BB7 is not entertaining atleast to me...

had enjoyed all the planning plotting n even 'tasks' of earlier seasons
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nikkipunj 7 years ago b'cos she cannot say that salman khan was lying..:P
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Ninja. 7 years ago How would she come after saying two different things to Kushal and Salman? ROFL
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Isa_Rahman 7 years ago We are saying no to Armaan in the Bigg Boss House too. What a immature human being !!!
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