Arjit Taneja opens up on his RELATIONSHIP status & 'Kaleerein' among other things

Which also includes his views about the current web scenario...


Actor Arjit Taneja, who became a household name after featuring in the show Kumkum Bhagya, says a web series is good for experimenting with roles and projects.

"Some people say TV content is 'regressive', but everything is being shown in a web series. You can stream mature shows also whereas that doesn't work in the case of TV. I did a show called Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do. It was a mature love story and was nice but didn't do well on TV," Arjit said.

"But if it goes on the web, I think it will do well. If you want to do good work and experiment, there are web series. They have an urban audience. Balaji (Telefilms Ltd.) has also come up with ALTBalaji (digital platform) and they have amazing shows," added Arjit.

But he needs a strong and convincing script to do bold scenes.

"I don't want to do nonsensical bold stuff. There is no point in doing it as it might not have a story. If there is a show and you have to present passionate chemistry, then why not?"

Arjit is currently seen as Vivaan, a shrewd businessman, in the new Zee TV show, Kaleerein.

Sharing more about the show, he said: "People tell girls that 'If you don't know how to cook food, how will you get married? If you wear these type of clothes, it will be difficult to find a groom for you'."

"The girl in this show thinks otherwise. She wants to stay the way she is and not change for a guy. That is the main message of the show; that girls don't have to change to get married."

On TV shows being dominated by women, he said: "I wouldn't have done this had it (this show) been another case of what you mentioned. His (Vivaan) story is completely different. There is a strong reason for the way he behaves."

The show offers an important perspective about marriage. What qualities is he looking for in a bride?

"A nice girl. Someone who will not try to change herself and is honest. I will think about marriage after five years. Right now my relationship status is single," said the actor, who was linked to actress Mrunal Thakur earlier.

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Smithhh 2018-03-22T22:42:03Z Arjit Taneja and Mrunal Thakur have sizzling chemistry...No heroine can come close to that level of chemistry with arjit except mrunal...
-Lisha- 2018-03-15T16:23:55Z Arjit Taneja you are doing a fabulous job in Kaleerein. Loving you as Vivaan Kapoor!
Keep Rocking Arjit Taneja<3
karsuh 2018-03-11T10:11:55Z Arjit Taneja and Mrunal Thakur's chemistry as Purab and Bulbul was the best on Kumkum Bhagya.I miss both of you on that show.I really like both your continued friendship off screen
sun2011 2018-03-10T23:56:57Z Arjit Taneja. Would love your reel life heroine Aditi sharma becomes your real life jodi. You both are a breath of fresh air. We never miss a single episode of kaleerein. May this show go on for many years successfully. Loving the entire cast.
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