Arhaan Khan puts mom Malaika Arora on the spot: 'When's the Wedding?'

Did Malaika Arora reveal her wedding date to son Arhaan Khan? Read on to know more.

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One of our favourite mother-son duos of the tinsletown has to be Malaika Arora and her son Arhaan Khan. Malaika Arora recently appeared on her son Arhaan Khan's vodcast, Dumb Biryani, where she faced a barrage of questions, including one about her marital status. Arhaan, curious about his mother's plans, asked her about the possibility of her tying the knot again. And isn't it one of those questions that all of us would want to ask Malaika?

Arhaan Khan asked her, “I think the nation wants to know this... when are you getting married, mother? I want an exact date, a venue, a destination, to whom.” To this, Malaika said, “I’m better off eating a mirchi. I can’t answer that. I don’t have an answer to it, so I can't answer. I think I’m living my best life now.”

For the uninitiated, Arhaan, the son of Malaika and her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan, was born in November 2002. The couple, who had been married for nearly two decades, parted ways in 2017. Arbaaz later married makeup artist Sshura Khan in December 2023. Meanwhile, Malaika has been in a long-term relationship with actor Arjun Kapoor.

During the vodcast, Arhaan delved into discussions about his father's traits, noting similarities in mannerisms while expressing frustration over shared indecisiveness. Malaika candidly remarked on Arbaaz's fair and just nature, contrasting it with their mutual struggle in making decisions.

Arhaan's vodcast has been making waves, with his father Arbaaz and uncle Sohail Khan featuring on the inaugural episode earlier in April.