'Apologise or face prosecution' for Govinda.

Bollywood actor govinda gets was asked to settle the dispute amicably or face prosecution, by SC

The Apex court on Monday instructed Bollywood actor Govinda to apologize to a fan whom he had slapped seven years ago while shooting the film 'Money Hai Toh Honey Hai' in Mumbai. The court stated the actor will otherwise face prosecution for criminal intimidation and assault which might put him behind the bars for two years. 
Complainant Santosh Bateshwar Rai has moved the SC against the Bombay high court judgement that quashed a trial court order summoning Govinda as an accused in the assault case.

Justice TS Thakur and V Gopala Gowda advised Govinda's counsel to ask the complainant 'to forget and forgive' when Govinda's counsel opposed a petition that wants SC to revive a criminal case against the actor.

"He should accept his mistake rather than prolonging the litigation that began in January 2008. This is a TV report. It cannot be wrong" the judges said after watching the television footage showing the star assaulting Rai. The bench refused to believe the video was morphed.

When Govinda's counsel offered to tender an apology before the court and monetary compensation to Ray, the court told him that it was for the complainant to accept or reject it. "You don't have to apologize to the court. If he (Rai) is unwilling to accept the apology then he (Govinda) may have to face prosecution," the actor's counsel was told by the court, ruling out monetary compensation.

"I was just watching the shooting of a movie as I was his fan. But the incident left me shocked and I lost all respect for him," Rai told to a leading daily.

While on the other hand Govinda was quoted saying to a entertainment website "At this point of time, I have nothing to comment. It's a technical matter. It's a court issue, let the court orders come. I will then agree with whatever court tells me". [sic]

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