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Apna Time Bhi Aayega seems to be a promising attempt at unearthing the class bias

Apna Time Bhi Aayega features Anushka Sen as Rani and Fahmaan Khan as Kabir in the lead roles, and narrates an interesting story about the class bias that exists.

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Apna Time Bhi Ayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega is the story of a young, ambitious girl, Rani (Anushka Sen) who has dreams as big as the world. While she will make an attempt to do it, the class bias is what will follow her everywhere, for she is the daughter of a servant to a huge family, but her bauji (Pratish Vora) has never stopped her from dreaming big. Ever since she was a young girl, he has told her that 'Apna time bhi ayega' which loosely translates to our time shall also come, and that is what the story is about.

As the first episode begins, we see Rani being criticized by an elderly lady for not waking up on time, not doing household chores, among other things, but she is unaffected and knows what she is up to. As she wakes up, she rushes to her phone with her eyes closed, for she makes sure to see her father first thing in the morning, even if it is through a screen. When she realizes that the phone network is down, she goes on to fix up the pole and for that, she climbs up the utility pole while spectators look at her. 


Just when she is about to fall, someone asks her to not forget her 'aukaat' and that, acts as a trigger and so, she does it and solves the network issue after all. A little atypical, but the emotion is what counts here. Meanwhile, she discovers that her father, who is away in a different city, won't be coming home this month as well and that, spoils her mood, for she has managed to secure a loan to get her father a shop, after having worked so hard all this while. She decides to go meet him in person and that is when she encounters Dr. Kabir (Fahmaan Khan) and that, is what doesn't go down well.


While the two seem to get into a tussle of sorts as she was about to meet with an accident because of his car, things escalate quickly when she discovers that she has hurt herself and faints. Not having a lot of options left, Kabir decides to take her home and that sure is going to turn out to be quite the blunder. Meanwhile, we also get a glimpse of his mother, Rajeshwari Rajawat (Tannaz Irani), who is the typical staunch matriarch of the family, and from the looks of it, does not believe in sparing anyone.


For the first episode, the viewers are given just about enough information on all the characters and manages to keep us entertained while keeping us informed. Over the due course of the episode, Apna Time Bhi Aayega touches upon all the various topics that it will explore during the episodes ahead, and it does not feel like a drag while doing so. While we understand the equations that are likely to follow, the most interesting aspect about the show is the class barrier that it brings into focus, and if it manages to stick to that, the show is likely to go a long way.

Talk about the performances, Anushka and Pratish have managed to ace the dialect that they have taken upon and it isn't for once, that it feels forced. In fact, if anything, the flow comes rather naturally, and the family members too, have played a fair role. Even though not many will connect to what we see, we will relate to it, for it is the reality of so many. Fahmaan is seen for only a few minutes, but he has a powerful screen presence and his angry young man avatar falls right into place given the storyline. Meanwhile, Tannaz seems to be yet another sweet surprise to the show, but it is with time, that one can speak more on that front as to how does that go down with the viewers.


All in all, for a first episode, the show manages to leave you impressed and also thinking about all that there is, wanting to know more about what is in store. The show has the right premise to showcase the story that it sets out to narrate and if it sticks to that, it is a successful attempt at talking about the issues it raises, among other things.

Ratings: ***1/2 (3.5/5 stars)

Tannaz Irani Anushka Sen Fahmaan Khan Apna Time Bhi Aayega 

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